Sora No Woto Review


Music, cute characters and club-like environment. Adding those up may bring a show like K-On to mind. However Sora No Woto is far from K-On, be it a good thing or a bad thing. Produced by A-1 Pictures and Aniplex, this 12 episode series is from the directed mind of Mamoru Kanbe and the writing of Hiroyuki Yoshino. So there’s a lot of creative minds behind it. So do these big names amount something good, let’s analyze.

snw2Sora No Woto (Sound of the Sky) follows a young bugler that is stationed in a border fortress. Located in a small town atop a mountain, it serves as a secluded passage for warring nations under a cease fire. Years prior, the 2 nations had been through a long and grueling war that has affected many of it’s citizens, as well as the characters the show follows.

This fortress houses 4 other female soldiers that tend and keep watch over the border location as well as having duties to tend to the local village in which it’s located. All the while the show examines a local myth regarding maidens that surrounds the culture and nearby wall carvings.

The show is a comedy, slice of life, and slightly action based story. My first thoughts when going into the show was that it was “K-ON Military Version.” However after some time I was proven wrong. It definitely has that cute aesthetic you’d get from a K-ON style, and it has the same kind of comedy that can throw a chuckle through you. However later in the show, it really shines into something different. It really ended up being a very tragic but also heartwarming story.

I loved the characters behind it. They each had a little bit of backstory to give them a lot more character and depth, but nothing amazing. Prepare for some overused archetypes like the ditsy over-energetic cute one, the strong-willed and serious one, the obnoxious uptight one, the kind-hearted gentle one, and the always out-of-it brainy one. Though the use of these archetypes don’t break the show.

I really loved the implementation of Amazing Grace in the story, especially with the tragic history. How a simple tune is very cross cultural. Bringing people together, hearts to sooth, and in the end, possibly turn the drums of war. It was a refreshing and heart warming undertone that I’m not sure was completely intended in the way I seen it, but all the more amazing.

snw1The animation was very smooth and enjoyable. What shined the most was the character design, which I really enjoyed. Even if it looks rather simple and lacking any real depth. The environments are the same, offering a good and rich design while also not being at all detailed.

That all said, the story wasn’t very deep, but enough to create some interest. Like K-ON, the draw here was the characters, situational interactions, and comedy. However in the end it really caught me off guard with the extremely sad moments, heart warming conclusions, and an ending that had me tear jerked during the final musical score. I’d recommend this one to anyone that likes a show with cute characters, comedy, and some slice of life.

VERDICT: 3.5 / 5


  • Good character design
  • Fun character interaction
  • Tragic and heartwarming conclusion


  • Overused character archetypes
  • Slow at times

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