Episode 2 Impressions: Engaged to the Unidentified


Engaged to the Unidentified started off with a bang.  Throwing together some great characters, a fun situation, and some awesome chemistry.  I was sold from the moment I realized the potential in the relationship between Kobeni Yonomori and her new fiance Hakuya Mitsumine.  However after viewing the second episode, I began to have some heavy doubts.

e2unidentified1From the very beginning, Hakuya’s sister Mashiro seems to take the spotlight.  Focusing on her insecurities when it comes to the unknown, or namely aliens.  Also in play is her inability to understand the popularity of Kobeni’s sister who continues to love teasing her.

Unfortunately for Kobeni, a slip of Mashiro’s tongue finally opens the entire ordeal up to the school.  Revealing that a Mashiro and Hakuya were now living in the same house with Kobeni.  Luckily the only thing that remained a secret was the fact of the engagement.

While the episode did provide a few chuckles, the fact that the entire episode was so focused on Mashiro was disappointing.  While I enjoy her presence as a form of conflicting voice for the situation on the side of Hakuya (since he’s rather mute), it draws too much attention away from the chemistry I’m more interested in.  That being the engagement as well as the couple themselves.

It’s almost as if Kobeni has already given up and now we’re just interested in seeing how Mashiro deals with this new environment.  Which sadly feels overplayed already and becoming boring.  I hope for the sake of the show that it gets back on track in the following episode.

Episode 2: It’s Not Bad Having a Loli Sister-in-Law





  • Couple good chuckles
  • Still good characters


  • Too much focus on the sister
  • Losing focus of the engagement
  • Killing jokes

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