Episode 3 Impressions: Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha


Love crisis aside, Inari Konkon has been a relatively lighthearted and heartwarming show. Though things take a bit of a turn in episode 3 as we start diving into the more serious issues involving Uka’s gift and Inari’s newfound powers. Granted that doesn’t stop us from getting in a few laughs and smile inducing moments.

e3konkon3Opening the episode, we get the follow-up of Toka’s outburst against Uka. Taking Inari away from the shrine while rebuking Uka’s involvement with his sister. Even though Uka hasn’t a clue why he feels that way. During a flashback sequence of Toka, we learn about a moment in their past that they visited the shrine. Inari wandered off and when Toka found her, she was being pursued by Uka. He mistook her actions as hostile even though she was trying to get her to return home.

I was fearing that Toka’s reasoning behind not liking Uka would be overly trivial, however his dislike for her quickly changed once Uka was able to explain herself later in the episode. Resting my fears and opening up their relationship to be something rather cute.

The following day at school, Inari has a run-in with a charming fellow who she quickly dismisses (for a restroom emergency). Upon existing the restroom she finds the boy had taken her appearance. After mocking her use of other people’s appearance, the shape-shifter sends her on a goose chase as he runs amuck in her school with her appearance. All the while chasing along with the appearance of the vice principal.

This whole segment was a bit difficult to watch as I’ve never been a fan of this particular humor. However there was a few chuckle moments as the boy in Inari’s form played a bit of a playboy (or playgirl) with different students and faculty members.  I have to admit that it’s a bit off-putting that actions like these, as well as past shape-shifting mishaps, never seem to have any repercussions.

After the shape-shifter had his fun, he revealed his true form as Uka’s brother Otoshi. Oddly enough, he mentions his scary nature of having a full-fledged sister complex. Smothering her to death with attention. However he’s been unable to see her as of late due to her fleeing to the human world and putting a barrier around her shrine to keep him out.

e3konkon2After serving Inari an invitation to her “deity welcoming party.” Inari is once again whisked away to the Celestial Plains. It’s there that Inari learns of the more unsettling aspects of the Plains. Commoners who seek the hand of Uka and her first class deity power. Almost like a rich person being pursued by marriage. It’s here that Inari meets Miya, a deity that was a close friend to Uka when she was in the Celestial Plains.

Miya tells Inari about Uka’s final days living in the Celestial Plains. As mentioned earlier, due to her high rank, she was constantly sought after. Driving her into depression. Miya offered Uka a game she got from the human world which ended up being a date sim. In this game, her love for all things 2D began. Human men portrayed as pure and not ‘gold diggers’ lured her to fleeing the Celestial Plains for good.

Back on earth, Toka discovers Uka hiding in the attic. She explains to Toka that she was fleeing her brother when she was drawn to the house by Inari’s scent. While Toka still doesn’t trust her, he appeases her desire to play an obvious Mario Kart Wii knock-off game. After Uka falls sleep, she mumbles in her sleep that Inari should return the power. This triggers Toka to press Uka on what is really going on. Uka becomes flustered by Toka’s body and dismisses his request for the truth.

Back at the Celestial Plains welcome party, Inari is faced with the same treatment that caused Uka to flee. Commoners pestering her to display her power like a toy. In frustration she attempts to play along to appease them, activating her transformation to take the form of Uka. This backfires on her and a terrific power flows from her body. Only to be stopped by the great sun goddess Amaterasu.

e3konkon4It becomes very obvious at this point that Uka did not just give Inari a small portion of her power. During her uncontrollable power flow, Uka is left powerless back at her shrine for Toka to witness.

After hearing the truth of Uka’s power within her, Inari is now faced with a sad conclusion. She knows she will eventually need to return the power which will only be possible after she has mastered it. The only downside is that she will no longer be able to see Uka again.

Overall, a solid episode. We got quite a bit more of a look into Uka’s past, her reason for being such an otaku, and the weight of her sacrifice to Inari’s happiness. I’m starting to really fall for Uka and her amazing heart. I was quite surprised to see the connection forming between Toka and Uka, it’s rather cute. However I’m not looking forward to the inevitable jealousy of Uka’s brother coming into play.

Episode 3: Elder Brother, Pesky, Excess Love





  • Good backstory
  • Interesting relationships formed
  • Uka has heart!


  • Fear Uka’s brother’s jealousy
  • Body swap sabotage humor

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