Episode 4 Impressions: Engaged to the Unidentified


After a lackluster episode 3 filled with repeated jokes and a sad state to the overall interest in the series, there was a lot of weight placed on episode 4 to pull it out of the trash bin.  To put it bluntly, it was in danger of a drop.  Thankfully, this episode managed to bring it up quite a few notches and give it potential for being a decent series altogether.

e4engaged2Following Kobeni’s discovery of her past injury and the fact that Hakuya saved her, she falls ill after a sleepless night of worrying.  Turns out she has never had a strong constitution and has fallen ill in the past for it.  While she’s down for the count, it’s up to her sister Benio to feed the household which leads to some terrifying results.

Unfortunately during this time frame we get some lackluster pacing and focus.  While the story starts centering around Kobeni dealing with the situation and the rest of the household coming to grips with her depression over the matter, it keeps detouring to the same old jokes.  Once again we’re reminded that Benio has a little girl complex.

During her feverish battle, we get some insight into the characters a bit more.  Mashiro shows a more compassionate side as she arrives to clean the still ill Kobeni.  We find the scar on Mashiro’s side and she re-solidifies her lack of memory for the incident from her past.  However a few things do come to light as Mashiro goes to leave the room and Kobeni notices Hakuya outside the door.  Looking at him, she says she’s reminded of a big dog, to which Mashira responds with a panic face.  She at some point recalls a memory of laying in the mountains awaiting help, only being comforted by a warm and fluffy presence near her.

When Kobeni had finally recovered, she was faced with her first meeting with Hakuya since learning of their past.  As she turns her face in fear of how to respond, Hakuya panics because he thinks he’s causing her discomfort.  Suddenly he bolts from the room in a noticeably fast manner that brings up much questioning by the witnesses.  Though Mashiro tries to cover the situation with their mountain living experiences.

e4engaged1This is where I started to really have an interest strike me for this show.  Putting the fluffy presence, lightning speed, Mashiro’s cover-up, the family history, and constant references of Hakuya being like a puppy; there’s much speculation going through my head that the Mitsumine family are a line of shapeshifters by bloodline or discipline.

Shortly later, Kobeni catches up to Hakuya and manages to thank him for what he’s done for her.  As well as apologize for how she’s treated him.  They come to a nice understanding that could help them continue on a comfortable level once again.  Though that doesn’t stop her from becoming extremely embarrassed as her friend attempts to aid her in getting to know Hakuya better.

Definitely a great episode overall.  While once again they have managed to bring up the same jokes over and over with Benio, I feel the show has managed to steer slightly back to Kobeni and Hakuya.  Which remains my favorite part of this show.  I’m definitely looking forward to more reveals into the Mitsumine family, so until then I’ll hold my judgement on this show a little longer.

Episode 4: That’s Just Being a Pervert



Interest Being Restored


  • Focus returning to the couple
  • Hakuya may have a secret
  • Less focus on dead jokes


  • Dead jokes still present

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