Episode 4 Impressions: The Pilot’s Love Song


Even after fears appear following Episode 3, The Pilot’s Love Song doesn’t let up on the reveals.  Bringing to light many elements that will make or break relationships and ultimately stir something that can change the future of its cast.

e4pilot2In Episode 4, we get a split in storytelling.  Both from the perspective of Kal-el and Ari-el, the siblings brought together following tragic events that transformed a nation: The Wind Revolution.  While Ari and companions await for the rescue efforts for Kal-el and Claire, Ari tells them of her first meeting Kal-el.  When her father brought him home to her and her sisters.

She didn’t like him at first because he was so quiet and rarely responded.  Though she was able to relate to him, since she too has no mother.  From the perspective of the viewer, she tells of the time she realized that he was the prince of the previous rule.  After he attacked someone who threw a rock at an actor portraying his mother in a reenactment of the Wind Revolution.  Though she of course was not able to tell their companions of his true identity.

On the flip side, Kal-el and Claire were stranded in the raging ocean storm, keeping dry while awaiting help.  This gave them time to bond and Kal-el divulged his story of meeting Ari and his foster family.  As well as his troubles losing his family.

e4pilot1It didn’t take long for Claire to put everything together.  Losing his parents in the Wind Revolution, living in Alexandra before then, not having to do anything himself before then, the rumors of the prince seeking revenge aboard Isla; surprisingly, we have a smart character able to piece it together.

It doesn’t take long to realize why she was able to piece it together.  After being rescued, Claire is taken back to her estate where she is changed into the priestess attire.  Revealing that she is the one who struck down the previous empire, the wind priestess Nina Viento.

A fairly solid episode.  I have to admit, I thought they had played all of their cards for this show in the previous episode, but it continues to deliver.  To be honest I had already spoiled Claire’s identity while searching names on the Wikipedia page, but it didn’t make the episode that less impactful.

e4pilo1t3I’m curious to see the true character of Claire.  If she puts on a face while she’s Nina Viento, or if she has some sort of split personality.  No doubt she’s two different faces here, but which is the true self.  I do hope that the face we got when Claire pieced it together wasn’t just some fake thing made to confuse viewers.  She really didn’t want it to be true.

Will Claire call him out, keep it a secret, or perhaps persuade him to spare Nina Viento?  These are all questions that have me hooked to this show.  I also have a huge desire to see just how Kal-el (if at all) will rise back up in this kingdom.  If he’ll retake his throne, or just prove his resolve and walk away to the sunset.  Sadly I only see the later as happening as the only proof to the kingdom of his existence is his word.

Episode 4: Sea of Stars



More Great Backstory


  • More sad backstory
  • Big character reveal
  • Good bond plot between siblings


  • Fear a possibly flip-flop character
  • That boy threw a rock at an actor!

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