First Impressions: Engaged to the Unidentified


The idea of arranged marriage isn’t new to anime, however it’s not overdone either. With a comedy layout in place and a good start, this show could turn into a gem. Especially with writer Fumihiko Shimo part of the team who has had a hand in many classics already like Air TV, Clannad, and Kanon to name a few.

engaged2Starting the show out, Kobeni Yonomori awakens on her 16th birthday to not only find a birthday cake awaiting her, but also an assigned marriage to a boy she claims she doesn’t know.  Turns out her grandfather arranged the marriage and is known for doing such things.

The fiance’ in question is Hakuya Mitsumine, a boy who lives in the middle of nowhere and has little to no knowledge of the city life.  Literally.  He claims he and Kobeni has met in the past, but unfortunately due to an injury, Kobeni has no memory of her childhood to remember.  Hakuya is often quiet and straight-faced, which often leads to him having absolutely no presence in a room.  Often people won’t even realize he’s there.

Joining Hakuya at Kobeni’s household is his sister Mashiro.  She’s a very judgemental little sister that makes it clear that she won’t let just anyone marry Hakuya.  Though her time in the household isn’t a pleasant one as Kobeni’s sister enjoys teasing little girls.  A lot.

In all this, the stage is set for a very solid romcom that has already proven to be quite the laugh filled one.  At first I was afraid Hakuya would be some arrogant jerk, but in actuality his always straight-faced appearance and monotone just plays off Kobeni so well.  I’m really enjoying their chemistry.

Kobeni herself is turning out to be the level head in the situation, often pointing out things that are just absurd.  That said, her character art and actions are rather cute and makes for a very likable character that you can stand by.

engaged1Hakuya’s sister Mashiro on the other hand is up for debate.  She definitely adds an extra element to the chemistry in the show, however how much they use them could make or break each episode.  Her voice is a bit off-putting and at times she can be a bit loud.  However that doesn’t stop her from being adorable still and a great asset to the comedy.

Character designs are up and down.  While some are a bit simple, others like Kobeni are downright cute.  The problem comes in the art style.  Using some sort of overly bright white outlining mixed with a black edge tends to make the characters look disjointed from the environment.  It’s not a deal breaker in any stretch, but it’s still rather bothersome.

All in all Engaged to the Unidentified looks like a true gem from first glance.  There’s plenty of room here for great chemistry, plenty of laughs, and a good romance to boot.  I just hope the evolution of the relationship doesn’t follows too many tropes that it becomes uninteresting.  Though I think with Hakuya’s noble but quiet personality will make for some good conclusions.






  • Solid foundation set
  • Plenty of laughs
  • Good characters


  • Becoming a typical romcom playing it safe
  • Possible joke killing

First Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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