First Impressions: Nobunagun


Since this was one of the shows I was looking forward to this season, I was in for a shock.  A captivating premise coupled in with some interesting artwork.  It was no wonder that I felt as if I just had to look into this show.

nobunagun2Shio Ogura is on a field trip with her school in Taiwan when it is attacked by a strange creature that rises from the ocean.  Thankfully a secret organization that was formed to protect earth from said creatures, springs into action and sends Jack The Ripper.

While Shio stands by helplessly witnessing, she discovers her friend nearby unconscious and rushes to her aid.  Just then Jack the Ripper falls to the overwhelming numbers.  In a leap of faith, Shio grabs an orb that Jack drops and it resonates with her DNA.  The DNA of Nobunaga.  This unlocks powers within her that could save humanity.

Right away it is blatantly obvious this show is going to be ripe with action.  One of my fears is that this show looks like it will be full of information dumps.  That said, I do like the main protagonist.  She seems quick to act and without any real whiny attitude that is common in this scenario.  Thankfully not an obnoxious genki, although she is definitely cheerful.

The artwork in the show has a really dark feel to it.  As to if this is just a design choice or a foreshadowing of whats to come remains to be seen.  Outside of that is a cross between Kill la Kill and The Eccentric Family.  I would almost like it, if weren’t for one glaring issue.  There is overlays in almost every scene.  While difficult describe you could see something similar in Samurai Girls.  It’s almost as if they draw the scene and instead of coloring, they fill it with different designs.  This is usually reflective of the character.  For example the main character is into military stuff so she tends to have a camouflage.  On the other hand, most girls have a flower overlay to them.

nobunagun1The animation itself is solid and probably where the show shines.  Unfortunately I feel as if there are times where they relied on too many stills.  While they didn’t distract from the show, it’s important to note.  If anything I hope they were trying not to overexert themselves in the first episode.  Then again they may have just blew their entire budget on the stupid overlay effect.

In the end I’m indecisive on this show.  There are some big issues that stand out as annoying, however they are not enough to keep me from watching.  I see a lot of promise in this show, which says a lot since I’m fairly fickle when it comes to action genre.  Again, I’m not keen on the artwork so far and I think that is one of the main deciding factors for people.






  • Dark tone
  • Solid protagonist
  • Good bread-crumbing


  • Continual reliance on stills
  • Main protagonist being too strong

First Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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