First Impressions: World Conquest Zvezda Plot


Running through the current season rundown, one show managed to catch my eye more than the others. A show about a loli character that conquers the world. It just sounds like pure gold! With Tensai Okamura directing, who has had a hand in countless games such as Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Hanasaku Iroha; what’s more to love?

zvezda1Jimon Asuta is a second year middle school student as well as a runaway. It’s obvious from the start that he has had a bit of a disagreement with his father. While roaming the streets he finds himself in the middle of a military lock-down and dodging convoys.

While hiding in an alleyway, he bumps into a small girl name Kate Hoshimiya who was riding a bicycle with training wheels. Wracked with hunger, he offers some food to her and reinvigorating her to explain plans to conquer the world. While he brushes this idea off, he soon later finds more of her comrades as well as a military force seeking to put a stop to her plans.

Right from the beginning I was hooked on this story.  While it’s obviously silly and doesn’t take itself seriously, the comedic opportunities are abundant.  They managed to get the level-headed character in there, just to point out the absurdity that was in play for a girl to have such an ambitious idea.  Their exchanges were equally as funny, even with tropish jokes.

The chemistry between the characters show great promise already.  Again, putting in the level-headed character will lead to some interesting moments.  Though his purpose in the team of conquest may be a bit pointless.  The real gem here is definitely in Kate Hoshimiya, who shines in this episode.  Being as innocent looking as she was, yet dominating the battlefield with a slick exchange in dialog and a stamp of conquer.

zvezda2I’m mixed when it comes to the visual style present in the show.  The character art are semi-simple, but having some good style to offset it.  While I enjoyed some of the character design, some were a bit over the top.  My only big complaint was the use of CG for vehicles.  However it’s not too jarring since they did a decent job meshing it with the world they were placed in.  That all said, the first episode was in a dark setting (night), so this may all change with the coming episodes.

All in all this show is easily one of my most enjoyed series of this season so far.  I’m anticipating each episode to see where they take it.  With a great cast already in play, it has some potential for tons of laughs.  I easily recommend anyone to check it out.






  • Hilarious concept
  • Fun world
  • Good character chemistry


  • Easy concept to break
  • Predictable story possible

First Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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