Servant X Service Review

From the beginning of Servant X Service I had insane nostalgia for Working!!, a series that aired back in 2011.  That similarity is because Karino Takatsu was the original writer behind both shows..  It shows, because both series have that same great humor.  However Servant X Service removes many flaws that Working!! had.  Like overused androphobia.

sxs1Yutaka Hasebe, Lucy Yamagami, and Saya Miyoshi are strangers fresh out of school and hopping into the daily grind working at the Ward Office as civil servants. Over time we’re introduced to their ambitions in life, why they chose civil service, and ultimately form bonds that may draw them closer together.

The story behind Servant X Service is only to create a setting. The draw is in the characters and their interactions. This show is a very subtle comedy type of show.  Subtle in that it doesn’t try too hard, but rather keeps it simple and clever. Each characters plays off each other with excellent chemistry that makes for tons of laughs each episode.

Hasabe was off-putting at first with his lazy nature, but in fact he grew to become one of my favorite male characters in a series. Behind his lazy nature was an awesome guy that solved situations and had real desires. I absolutely adored Lucy’s character, especially the hilarious story behind her name. She was way cute and her innocence was polar opposite to her “figure”. Which however was a bit overly played off unfortunately.

Saya was a bit overly reserved at first, but her reserved nature played off so well with more hyper characters like Toko. Toko being the little sister of one of the employees, who is a tsundere that likes to correct many of the employees. While I didn’t care for Toko, I enjoyed how each character interacted with her nature.

A love blossoms at some point in the show that sort of caught me off guard. Typically in anime, they seem to tease relationships but never really delve into them. That’s not really the case here. Instead the characters fight with it, and ultimately choose their future with or without. It was oddly refreshing and I thought they were an adorable pair.

sxs2At the same time, there was another love that already existed. This instead was one of the only real drag points of the show. Often just to repeat jokes about a sister’s clueless nature, or to emphasize on one characters overbearing role in the relationship. It just got a tad too dragged out.

Similar to the writing, I get a visual feel of Working!!, which did a good job at creating natural looking characters. Not heavy on cute, but not plain and detailed. It’s a style that perfectly lends itself to the comedic and yet down-to-earth nature of the show and its plot. With all that said, I have no real beef with the styling and animation choice here. It was good.

Servant X Service is an excellent comedy. I enjoyed each episode and the great humor mixed in with the natural feel of an office space. The characters are lovable and the jokes never get crude. If you’re looking for some witty comedy, as well as a subtle romance sprinkled in, Servant X Service is must watch.

VERDICT: 4 / 5


  • Lots of witty humor
  • Lovable characters
  • Unique setting


  • A few slow points
  • Bust jokes get played too often
  • Yes, there’s a tsundere

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