Top 5 Scariest Women in Anime


Any man can tell you that women are scary sometimes. While anime more than any other media has a knack for showing us the craziest of characters, women are the scariest of them all.  Here we pay tribute to the scariest of these female characters. Characters you don’t want to cheat on, run into in an alleyway, or even be a childhood friend of.

Spoiler Warning: Some of these characters must be explained as to why they are scary, and will require revealing some things that may be considered spoilers to the show they are in. For this reason, you may want to avoid reading about the character within a show that you may want to watch. Spoilers are possible, but will be avoided when able.

Yuno Gasai from The Future Diary (Spoilers: Moderate)
yunoOur dear sweet Yuno. The face of yandere, which are loving but also psychotic. At first glance, Yuno is an asset to Yuki (the protagonist). However over time, we discover that she is pretty much a textbook case of stalker turned possessive psychopath. Willing to do anything, or kill anyone, to protect her beloved Yuki.

This aspect of her leads to the death of many people, even the cold-blooded killing of many friends.  Each with a follow-up glance to her beloved, with a sort of sick expression similar to a dog seeking approval from their master for what they’ve done.  It’s terrifying and quite disturbing.

Sonozaki Shion from When the Cicadas Cry (Spoilers: Minor)
shionWhile all of the women in Higurashi could be candidates for this list, we will focus on one for the sake of fairness and variety. Actually deciding which of those characters become the choice “scariest” was far easier than one would imagine.

Even though Shion was a kind soul when not influenced by the Hinamizawa Syndrome, when in effect she became easily one of the most psychotic characters I’ve ever seen. Butchering her family in a rage of Paranoid Schizophrenia, putting an already screwed up child through several torturous scenarios, and even laughing hysterically at someone stabbing themself in the head to avoid torture.

These elements all put Shion securely in the list for top scariest women in anime. Which is sort of sad because I really thought she was cute..  Which I guess is the case for most of these characters on this list.  Curse you anime!

Lucy from Elfin Lied (Spoilers: Very Minor)
lucyIt’s pretty obvious from the start that Lucy is a finely crafted killing machine.  However after taking a nearly fatal shot to the head, we get a softer side of her.  A side that is very infant in attitude that makes us believe that, “Hey, she might just be misunderstood.”  Unfortunately when push comes to shove, that side of her we fear comes back into play.  Showing little to no mercy when it comes to the victims of her telekinesis shredding hands of death.  Slicing up anyone that stands in her way.  Severing heads, removing limbs, you name it.

For the sake of preserving some element of surprise to our readers, I won’t even mention what transpires at the end of the show.  Let’s just say it only gets worst.  For that ending, Lucy takes the spot in our top list with flying colors.

Kotonoha Katsura from School Days (Spoilers: Ending Spoiled)
kotonohaThis one is a hard one to point out without spoiling everything. However that’s not much of a big deal in my own eyes as this show was really terrible. Which is partly why Kotonoha was so messed up to begin with. Put bluntly, her boyfriend Makoto is a grade A jerk that cheats on her while constantly trying to make amend. This eventually breaks her.

But it doesn’t end there. After the girl Makoto cheats with murders him out of jealousy, Kotonoha decides to sever Makoto’s head, keep it with her, take revenge on his killer, and then spend the rest of her time cradling the severed head of her lover. Yes, scary…

Misa Amane from Death Note (Spoilers: Minor)
misaThis is a sort of oddball entry for some. Misa Amane never really got her hands literally bloodied. She never laughed in a state of murderous rage. Instead, her actions were created by a pen and a Death Note. After a tragic childhood, Misa becomes rather obsessed with the criminal executor known as Kira. After discovering it was Yagami Light, she becomes overly drawn to him to the point that she would kill anyone for him.

So that’s where Misa becomes one of the scariest women in anime. She actually killed hundreds if not thousands of people in her time working with Light. Never showing remorse, always with childlike naiveté. Often from the comfort of her own bed. Come between her and Light, or show any signs of a threat, and you’re a pen stroke away from death.

That completes this list of the most scariest women of anime.  If you have a pick, let us know in the comments.  As always, thanks for dropping by and reading!  Til next time, avoid yandere and anyone with without a past!

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  • By Blave Kaiser, January 23, 2014 @ 9:13 am

    Nice article needs more Black Lagoon tho(Balalaika). Never really thought of Misa in the way, but yeah she does have a crazy kill count. 🙂

  • By Zeruel, January 23, 2014 @ 9:28 am

    I ended up putting Misa on the list due to that kill count. I knew she would probably be the most questioned of the list. Thanks for the feedback Blave! Great suggestion on Balalaika 🙂

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