Episode 4 Impressions: Wizard Barristers


The folks at Butterfly Law Offices are back for yet another case to tackle.  This time it’s to defend a serial killer that can crack even Cecile’s light-hearted nature.  A case that will test her skills, patience, and even stomach.  It may be her choice to just drop the case, but Ageha will prove that every case should be tackled if there’s a slight chance for victory.

e4barristers1Quinn Erari and her partner Shizumu Ekuso manage to take down the serial killer Shimizu Tsukuji.  This is thanks to Shizumu’s quick thinking after a gust of wind throws off Quinn’s clear shot of the suspect.  Though Quinn questions just where the wind came from.

Back at the Butterfly Law Offices, Cecile and the others learn of the news of the Serial Killer’s apprehension much to their relief.  This is due to the victims being 15 wizards.  While they questioned why a wizard would kill other wizards, the history telling of the wuds (wizards) in the Grimoire 365 apparently sheds some light on the subject.  That wuds apparently used to fight one another in past times.

Coincidently enough, the serial killer Tsukuji’s twin brother arrives at the Butterfly Law Offices to request them to defend his brother.  Shimizu Rei reveals a reason why his brother could be innocent to Ageha, though it’s not revealed immediately.  This springs Ageha to action, enlisting Cecile to take on the case.  Though Cecile dislikes the idea.

They meet with Tsukuji at his holding location and Cecile kicks off the questioning of his side to the story.  He responds by explaining in great detail how he pried his first victim’s nails off, plucked out her eyeballs because he eyelashes were so great, and even gutted her in a tub.  He then asks about Cecile’s hair accessories.  She explains that they were from her parents and apparently protection stones of her patron saint.  He requests to see them up close and then licks the window before laughing hysterically.

e4barristers6At this point Cecile has had enough and requests to be let off the case.  Ageha explains her job is to defend any wizard to give them their proper rights.  If she wants to quit the job, then Cecile must turn in her badge and leave.  This leaves Cecile greatly conflicted but continuing her work.  Ageha returns to the offices to submit a request to the Court of Magic for a psychological analysis.  Her trump card from the brother was that Tsukuji has a case of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).  Causing him to have split personality.

After dealing with a great stress in her new case, Cecile goes to see her mother at the prison.  She explains to her mom all the cases she has been given and the trust she’s receiving in her work.  She hopes in all this work that she will be able to fight for her mother to get a re-trial, but her mother explains that no re-trial has ever been granted by the Court of Magic.

Following Tsukuji’s brother Rei’s explanation of Tsukuji’s kind personality at their younger age, the team heads off to the psychological evaluation session.  There, Tsukuji breaks free and takes Ageha hostage.  She mentions a melody that Rei had said their parents sung, which triggers Tsukuji to his kinder personality.  Having no recollection of anything that his evil side has done.

This causes Cecile to become conflicted, to even let an innocent personality go free from 15 murders.  However she follows through and Tsukuji is given a life sentence instead of a death sentence.  Following the trial, Tsukuji mentions how Cecile’s charms have managed to save him.  Which Cecile later realizes that with DID, he shouldn’t have known about the charms.

e4barristers3This sends Cecile to confront Tsukuji’s brother Rei about the split personality being a lie.  He explains that his intent wasn’t to get his brother’s sentence reduced, but rather to get closer to her.  He brings up Cecile’s mother and her attempt to reduce the sentence, while paralleling it to Tsukuji’s case.  That while she claims her mother killed in order to protect Cecile, she could have just wanted to kill them in the first place.  He wishes Cecile wasn’t a target, because he and his brother would love her for their collection.

This puts Cecile on the offense, attempting to summon diaboloid, but due to the environment she has no metal to create it with.  Oddly enough, her beads fail to trigger her spells as well.  While it looks grim, luckily Hachi, Ageha, and Moyo show up to protect her before Rei freaks out at the sight of Moyo and flees.  At the same time Sasori (who originally tipped them to the situation thanks to her card reading), Quinn, and Shizumu show up just as Rei summons a Metamoloid.

Cecile unlocks yet another one of her new powers, a sand spell that consumes large amounts of concrete around them that she uses to destroy the Metamoloid.  After things settle, Quinn questions the Barrister’s actions but luckily Ageha was there to explain ‘article 10’ and their helping the police apprehend the criminal to which Quinn submits to the logic.

In the closing scene, we get the reason behind the wind magic during Tsukuji’s takedown.  Which was most likely Shizumu (Quinn’s partner).  This explains why chose not to shoot Tsukuji and why he wasn’t phased by the wind.  He enters the room where Tsukuji and Rei are being held and is asked if their efforts sufficed.   He expresses his pleasure in having yet another power unlock from Cecile.

e4barristers7Such a great episode.  I really enjoyed the writing and how things really came together in the end.  I was very impressed on how well Tsukuji was written and how absolutely crazy he was.  That he could manage to make Cecile feel so uncomfortable and question her ability to handle some dark clients.  They also managed to write a great twisting case where some elements leave you realizing why things were done the way they were.  Example being that Tsukuji was prepared to hear the melody in order to pretend to switch back to a different personality.

It’s  becoming more clear that Cecile’s mother might have more in play with what’s going on with this organization that’s after Cecile.  Perhaps they had attempted to go after her long before which caused Cecile’s mother to kill in order to save her.  I’d assume that eventually in the series she will get her re-trial, which will bring all of this to light.

I’m really interested in seeing how things pan out with Quinn’s partner Shizumu.  It’s obvious he’s part of the group that’s seeking Cecile, but yet to see for what reasons.  This all also explains why he shot the sister from the last case, because she was revealing their plot in controlling wuds.  Lastly, I’m also interested to see what is going on with Moyo and why she made Tsukuji freak out.  She also managed to find the place even though she wasn’t called.  Which leads me to speculate that she may have some tie in with the organization that Shizumu works for that is after Cecile.

Episode 4: Personality Crisis





  • Great case with good writing
  • A cringeworthy killer
  • Good character development
  • Good intrigue build for side characters


  • Fairly anti-climatic battle

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