Episode 5 Impressions: Engaged to the Unidentified


It’s the big reveal time for the Yonomori family.  Though some seem to take it a bit easier than others.  The secret behind the Mitsumine family is finally brought to light by a surprise visitor that seems to have a very loose tongue.  Puppy people?  Ninjas?  Shapeshifters?  Werewolves?

e5unidentified6After a long debate on just how old Mashiro is, it comes to light that someone from the Mistumine household is due to arrive in order to check up on things.  This throw Kobeni into a frenzy of preparing the home for yet another visitor.  Though this is cut pretty short as the following day Kobeni runs into a complete stranger who is lost.

Turns out that stranger is in fact Hakuya and Mashiro’s mother Mitsumine Shirayuki.  After recovering from a complete and utter shock that this cute and young-looking girl is in fact her possible future mother-in-law, Kobeni is thrown into an utter shock-fest of information.

On top of this women being their mother, she also seems to have a very loose tongue.  She begins to let slip many facts that Mashiro and Kobeni have been hiding for quite some time.  Starting out, she praises Kobeni on growing so much since they last met (yes.. it’s THAT growth).  She’s also quite please to finally have such a fine women being married into their household.  Since according to her, their numbers have been decreasing and it’s relatively hard to find partners.

She also oddly slips out that it’s becoming harder to find places to live due to “things being developed.”  Almost as to insinuate that they live in the forest and have lost land due to modern developments. Though it only gets more juicy when she mentions that their marriage is even more fitting as Hakuya had used “his power” to save Kobeni.  Mashiro quickly jumps to tell her mother that they have not told Kobeni anything yet.  To which mother questions if they have been told that they aren’t human yet.

While Kobeni is thrown into a complete state of shock, Benio jumps at the conclusion that they have to be fairies because of their ability to stay so young.  Though Shirayuki says the humans call them many things including demons, monsters, ogres, and even spirits.  While hearing all of this, Kobeni begins to recall memories long-lost, though it sends her into yet another paralyzing fever.

e5unidentified5Shirayuki visits Kobeni in her room to explain the day she was injured.  That Hakuya had feared for her safety and didn’t flinch at the idea of giving up half his power to save her life.  This fact is briefly mentioned to the others as a possible cause to her frequent fever spells.

After divulging so much information, Shirayuki oddly enough decides to leave.  Taking her leave by jumping across rooftops.  Though she returns briefly to express her gratitude to Kobeni for befriending Hakuya so long ago.  Kobeni recalls their first meeting when she was very young.   Shirayuki mentions to Kobeni how happy Hakuya was the moment she patted his head.  Kobeni links this with how Hakuya pats her on the head so often, that it’s his way of trying to make her happy as well.

All in all, an extremely heavy reveal episode.  Of course, it was pretty much revealed in episode 4, it’s interesting to finally see this all come to light.  I’m interested in how they will use this new element moving forward.  Though I’m sort of afraid from this point forward if they can keep my interest as it may head right back into Benio sis-con fest all over again now that the story elements are revealed.

That all said I’m fairly intrigued by the fact that Kobeni supposedly received half of Hakuya’s power.  Does this mean she has their abilities too or was it just sacrifices energy to save her that is now gone?  Guess we’ll wait and see!

Episode 5: This Woman Has Given Birth?





  • Lots of reveals
  • Some cute moments
  • More interest elements at play


  • All cards have been played?
  • Back to more Benio Sis-con

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  • By Neowned, February 7, 2014 @ 3:11 pm

    I still have hope that this series will stay enjoyable even if some of the “secrets” have been displayed. It is one of the few anime shows this year that I will finish, other than Witch Craft Works, and Noragami. Benio seems to get alot of hate but I find her funny with over the top/trope busting comments. While the slow dialoge is of great help for me studying the language.

    This is my first time finding your site, and must say that I for one enjoy the layout and articles. Keep up the good work.

    Bookmarked 😀

  • By Zeruel, February 7, 2014 @ 3:48 pm

    Benio is a tough case, just because I think she’ll be a “love it or hate it” kind of character. Unfortunately she rubs me wrong. Though it seems that have gotten back on track recently and arn’t focusing too much on her.

    Also, I love Noragami but you should totally add Inari,Konkon,KoiIroha to that list if you haven’t checked it out! It’s my favorite of the season so far! You can watch it on Funimation’s site 😀

    Thanks for the comment and feedback Neowned! We just launched a month ago and appreciate you bookmarking us. I hope we can continue to bring you great content that you’ll enjoy!

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