Episode 6 Impressions: Engaged to the Unidentified


After a very stressful day of big reveals about the Mitsumine family, things are starting to get back to normal.  Well, as normal as can be said for the Yonomori household.  As Kobeni awakens, questions start flying as to just what exactly is entailed for the not-so-human siblings.

e6unidentified5At the breakfast table, Kobeni inquires on exactly what they are if not human.  If they are able to transform on call.  Apparently as young children, they have no control and often change without warning.  However Mashiro ensures that they are talented enough now that they can control it (or well, her in particular).

Of course, Benio’s concern is more in the implementations of it for her usual fantasies.  Quickly turning the conversation into the possibility of Mashiro being able to manifest animal ears.  Though Mashiro quickly shuts her down and shatters her dreams because they cannot transform partially.  Only one or the other.

Later in class, we find out the test scores to some not so surprising results.  Hakuya scores the highest to everyone’s surprise, but he attributes it to his lack of hobbies.  On the other hand Kobeni finally discovers that Mashiro isn’t a brilliant girl who has skipped grades, but rather that their family has the ability to blend in well and have no questions asked.

At random points throughout the day, Kobeni’s curiosity is ramping up.  Every moment she gets, she asks Hakuya if he could show her his transformed self, but he claims it’s impossible as they are in public.  Though he obviously struggles with this as he wants to answer her obvious cute begging.  According to Mashiro, he won’t transform because he doesn’t feel comfortable with showing that side of himself to Kobeni.

Later in the day as everyone prepares for Valentines gifts, Kobeni begins to think on her future and those around her.  Realizing that her mother was able to be a single mom due to her skills at work.  Benio being able to be successful due to her smarts.  However when it comes to thinking on her own future, she only sees herself successful at housekeeping.  With that in mind, she feels that her only future would be to get married and to give into the arrangement.

e6unidentified3Throughout Valentines Day, Kobeni struggles with giving her gift to Hakuya.  Often putting it off due to embarrassment or situations around her.  Though it’s not until later that Hakuya realizes it’s even Valentines Day.  It’s at this time that he begins to think that Kobeni hates him thanks to some conversations nearby.

Though things turn for the better as after some misunderstandings about Hakuya possibly hating chocolate, Kobeni finally offers her gift to Hakuya.  Even with Benio terrorizing the household in fear of losing Kobeni, Hakuya seems quite at peace in his own space while lost in the gift he received from Kobeni.

All in all, a decent episode.  We got some very cute moments between Hakuya and Kobeni while also exploring Kobeni’s fears about her own future.  It seems more and more she’s becoming comfortable with the idea of being with Hakuya.  I also found the moments where Kobeni tries to beg Hakuya into transforming to be extremely cute.

Though as usual, most of the episode was the same sis-con jokes we’ve grown to memorize by now.  Unfortunately even after 6 episodes, it seems like that was a big part of the shows design and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.  So for those that have been enjoying that humor, it’s not going anywhere.

Episode 6: I Know! I’ll Fill It with a Sister-in-Law



Few Cute Points


  • Kobeni begging Hakuya
  • The fabled chocolate giving
  • Neko-Mashiro


  • More sis-con joke killing
  • Benio

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