Episode 6 Impressions: The Pilot’s Love Song


At last the Isla has finally arrived at the destination point.  While The Holy Spring is finally upon them, it unfortunately comes with a threat known as the Sky Clan.  The Aerial Knights have already shot down a couple of their planes but there’s still a question of just what they are going to be facing going forward.

e6pilot2While the citizens of the Isla celebrate their arrival at the Holy Spring with a large-scale festival, behind the scenes the leadership battles with what to do going forward.  It’s quickly established that the Sky Clan members that they have already exchanged fire with, speaks a similar language to the citizens of Balsteros.  Raising question of their origin.

The only information they can pull from the Sky Clan is that they will attack anyone who enters the Holy Spring.  This puts the leadership uneasy as to how to approach the situation.  It’s suggested that they send a recon unit to scout the military force of the Sky Clan, but the Commander Leopold chooses instead to send trainees.  Removing the risk of losing ‘valuable soldiers’.

Back at the festival, the trainees decide to open a noodle shop called Ari-men where Ari’el crafts her delicious noodles by order to help pay for expenses.  While it’s a huge success, Chiharu overhears the officers speaking about the possibility of war with the Sky Clan.

e6pilot8After the noodle shop closes, Chiharu’s insecurities manifest in an outburst of her lack of any skills.  Instead resting her success solely on Mitsuo’s piloting and gunning, as well as his knowledge in planes.  Since she doesn’t tell the others what she heard, they are puzzled by her outburst.

Outside the dinning quarters, we get a brief bonding between Mitsuo and Chiharu.  Mitsuo thanks Chiharu for standing up for him, while Chiharu is thankful for Mitsuo’s words of encouragement.  It’s obvious from her words that Chiharu has had trouble proving any redeeming skills to her family, but Mitsuo believes she’s a wonderful pilot.

Sadly this was not one of the better episodes.  An obvious attempt at preparing us for the episode ahead.  I already started foreseeing that Mitsuo and Chiharu will be sent for recon since they pointed out his incredible skill at identifying aircrafts.  Couple that with the focus on Mitsuo and Chiharu’s relationship and you have a recipe for a death going forward.  Which upsets me due to my liking them as a couple.

Get the tissue paper ready for Episode 7.  It’s going to be rough.

Episode 6: The Holy Spring



Decent build up


  • Cute Mitsuo and Chiharu bond
  • More insight into Sky Clan


  • Relatively uneventful
  • Too much useless fluff
  • Obvious death foreshadow

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