Episode 8 Impressions: Noragami


It’s becoming more and more dire for Yato as he is consumed by blight due to Yukine’s actions.  Though things will turn worst as Yukine is exposed to the life he once had as he and Yato assist a bullied boy at Iki’s school.  In this, Yukine may finally cross that line.  The question then becomes just who is on Yato’s side?

Yato is called for a job, incidentally in the woman’s restroom at Iki’s school. After a firm beating by Iki, it turns out a boy is locked up in a stall trying to escape from bullies. Seems Yato gets plenty of calls from schools about bullies.  After formalities, Yukine once again rushes off due to Yato comparing him to the bullied boy.

e8noragami2As the restroom meeting ends and they part ways, Yato gives the boy something to take with him, though it’s not explained what it is. When Iki asks him about it, he explains that it serves as a spark to possibly resolve the situation. Though after slouching in pain he also mentions that Yukine may finally break at the school.

We catch a glimpse of Yukine recalling school life while alone in a classroom. He puts on a student’s shirt and enacts a class setting. Though when other students arrive, he quickly hides even though his presence is not known. He watches as friends play a game and people joke together. He becomes covered in jealousy as the bullied boy nearby ponders using the item Yato gave him and phantoms mock him.

Back at Kofuku’s place, Bishamon arrives to ask Kofuku to point out possible future phantom vents after cleaning up the phantoms from the prior one. Kofuku agrees and almost childishly circles many areas on the map before Bishamon questions her involvement with Yato. Kofuku denies opening vents to keep Bishamon busy and away from Yato, but also any involvement in their dispute. However Kofuku gives her a stern warning that if anything were to happen to “Yatty,” then she better prepare for a storm.

e8noragami5As the bullied boy reveals the item gave to him by Yato, a pair of box knives, he throws one to the bully and confronts him for battle. Though before attacking the cowering bully, he drops his knife and the bully runs away. This releases him from a phantom and Yato gives him some encouraging words to finding a friend that is unique and separate.

While a happy ending in this situation, Yato knows that Yukine may soon cross the line as he discovers that he’s truly separated from the world and will not be able to make the friends he desires. Yukine finally steps across that line as he is tormented by never finding worldly happiness and begins to shatter every window of the school. This throws Yato into shock and envelopes him in blight.

Iki once again recalls Yato’s comment about going to Kofuku in case anything happened to him. She risks being consumed by blight as she rushes him to Kofuku. Before then, showing Yukine what he has done to Yato and taking him along with. Though at Kofuku’s place, she pleas for help but Daikoku panics and draws a barrier between them.

e8noragami3Another great episode once again. While it was rather slow starting out with the bully scenario not being too interesting, it gave us a nice way to usher in Yukine’s final struggle. I also REALLY enjoyed Bishamon and Kofuku’s exchange as Kofuku can be really serious if she wants to.

It seems I was completely wrong when it came to the preview last episode. Turns out the bully scenario was not a flash back to Kazuma and Yato’s history, though it seems most of this show strays away from flash backs if it’s not Yato’s murderous past. However that’s fine as the story is doing so well developing the present while avoiding the past.

The preview for the next episode looks as if it won’t be letting up. Seems Kazuma, Daikoku, and Yato’s previous regalia are going to do some sort of exorcism on Yukine while Yato struggles with death. A sort of coalition of all of the deities we have seen so far, including possibly Bishamon. Maybe assisting in this will prevent a greater beast?

Episode 8: Over the Line





  • Kofuku’s serious side
  • Few laugh out loud moments
  • Tension ramps up


  • None

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  • By Neowned, February 25, 2014 @ 6:01 pm

    I really enjoyed that moment when Kofuku stood up to Bishamon on behalf of Yato. Story did a good job of making me pissed off at Yukine for his actions and the aftermath of them.

    Is it possible for Iki to become one of his Regalia since it appears that Gods can have more than 1?

  • By Zeruel, February 25, 2014 @ 8:51 pm

    Not that I’m aware of. Iki isn’t technically dead since she’s still tethered to her body. Seems the only people that can become a Regalia are those that died due to actions beyond their control (not suicide) and haven’t passed on from the world (wondering spirit). Though I don’t think they’ve addressed her not being able to be one.

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