Top Anime Opening and Endings of 2013


Often the one element to anime seasons that gets lost in the fray of reviews, impressions, and general fandom is the musical scores that we listen to every episode. While some we skip, others capture the feel of the show and end up being a weekly tradition of experiencing.

This list is a tribute to the 2013 year of anime openings and endings that we truly love. Either because they give a feel of the show, has amazing animations, or just happen to be fantastic music. First we will explore the top 3 of each season, then round it all up with the best of 2013!


1. Tamako Market Ending – “Neguse” (ねぐせ) by Aya Suzaki
While not an animation heavy closing, the music is a real treat. Featuring a semi electronic spun tune with vocals. At points it almost feels as if you can get lost in it. Now, top that off with the great visual work of Kyoto Animation and you have a treat!
2. Little Busters! Opening – “Little Busters!” by Rita
The opening does two things. First, Rita has some beautiful music that invokes emotion. Following up that is how well the music matches the feel of the show. It feels friendly and heartwarming which is perfect for this series. This one easily fights for the number one spot. (Youtube)
3. Amnesia Opening – “Zoetrope” by Nagi Yanagi
While I didn’t get into this series, you can’t discount their artwork. Though the true shine in the OP is definitely in Nagi Yanagi’s voice. (Youtube)


1. Devil Survivor 2 Opening – “Take Your Way” by livetune (Fukase from SEKAI NO OWARI)
This song is just catchy. While I’m not a fan of tuned voices, they did a good job of it here and it’s not too heavy. The visuals in the opening are also slick and remind me of some artistic directions that Atlus does in their games. This song is also available on iTunes.
2. Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet Ending – “Sora to Kimi no Message” by ChouCho
While nothing much to say on the visual side besides the fantastic character art, the music is the focus on this choice. Sadly being one of my first times hearing Choucho’s work, her voice is absolutely beautiful. (Youtube)
3. Henneko Opening – “Fantastic Future” by Yukari Tamura
One of the few OP/ED on this list that takes the cake on just feel alone. This opening manages to instill the feel of the show in a short introduction. Absolutely adorable and silly. It also is a very upbeat and catchy tune that gets stuck in your head. (Dailymotion)


1. Sunday Without God Ending – “Owaranai Melody wo Utaidashimashita” by Mikako Komatsu
Another bit that takes the prize on music alone since the visuals are a simple spanned still. Mikako Komatsu has a beautiful voice with a very distinct feel to her notes. With each emotional ending to an episode that Sunday Without God produces, Mikako backs it up with a powerful close.
2. Stella Jo-Gakuin C3-Bu Opening – “Shape My Story” by Anna Yano
While at points this opening feels like a typical opening tune, it has some really fantastic points where the tune shifts and creates a great song. Hard to describe, but hopefully you’ll agree. (Youtube)
3. Watamote Opening – “Watamote” by Konomi Suzuki and Kiba of Akiba
This intro is just insane. Which is fitting for its absolutely insane content. Taking every bit of emotional rage the protagonist has and incapsulating it into a short introduction. If you like death rock, here’s your loli version. (Youtube)


1. Tokyo Ravens Opening – “X-encounter” by Maon Kurosaki
This opening excels in many ways. First off, the tune is especially catchy while being unique and well performed. At the same time the animation matches both the feel and pacing of the music. At many points of the song it changes its tune, queueing in some masterful animation changes that makes my hair stand on end.
2. Arpeggio of Blue Steel – “SAVIOR OF SONG” by nano feat. MY FIRST STORY
Second to Tokyo Ravens but by no means a knock on this intro. While I’m not a fan of the animation of this show, the music is awesome. So much that I listen to it regularly even though I’ve never watched the show. Catchy, loud, and all around great. This is another track available on iTunes. (Youtube)
3. Beyond the Boundary Ending – “Daisy” by Stereo Dive Foundation
The competition ramps up for Fall 2013 with yet another one that could have taken the lead. Hard to put into words, the ending invokes emotions of both longing and comfort that mirrors the feel of many points of the show. While I’m not familiar with Stereo Dive Foundation, the vocals make me want to discover more from them. (Youtube)

Best of 2013:

tokyoravensopTokyo Ravens Opening
With all those listed and many more that couldn’t find their place on the lists, the award for best of 2013 is without a doubt Tokyo Ravens OP. With its perfect musical and animation syncing along with a catchy tune, it stands from the crowd and made for a great weekly tradition of viewing.

If you have a favorite of 2013, please feel free to let us know in the comments below. If you agree or disagree with the list, feel free to leave us some feedback. We love hearing it!

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