Episode 10 Impressions: Noragami


Following the dark and unsettling events of the previous episode, we get a glimpse into the aftermath of what happened and how things have changed for the cast. Though the show doesn’t take a break as we are transitioned right into the dark conclusion of this great story.

Now working at Kofuku’s shrine, Yukine works to earn money as well as pay everyone back. Though that’s not the only thing that he now seeks to do now that he’s accepted his new life. He also seeks to take classes so he asks Iki for her old text books. Much to everyone’s delight. Though things are not all rosie as Kofuku asks Iki to pay for her work in helping save Yato. Which amounts to a stunning 1 million yen (after a 90% student discount).

ep10noragami9Afterwards Yato, along with Iki and Yukine, visits Michizane to express his appreciation for helping with the ablution ceremony and ultimately saving his life. Turns out that Yato allowed Yukine to blight him so much because his method of “reforging” Yukine was to allow the ceremony to happen.

While Yato and Michizane talk, Mayu takes Yukine and Iki off to the side to talk. Iki asks where one of the Regalia had gone to which Mayu admits a banishing. Apparently under Michizane’s rule, stinging him once will result in banishing. Mayu makes sure that Yukine knows that Yato standing by him is a rare thing. But also that all Regalia understand what Yukine is going through in feeling isolated and longing for life.

As Iki leaves school the following day, her friends discuss visiting a shrine to offer new years prayers and submit their wishes. While oddly enough Iki sees the recklessness in asking so much, she brushes it off as overburdening the gods. The interesting topic brought up was a rumor about a god that will kill anyone you ask him to. An unknown god named Lord Rabo.

Attentions shift as Iki prepares to visit the new years festivities offered by the local shrines and of course invite Yato and Yukine. Though when she arrives, Yato and Yukine are kept busy by phantom hunting jobs with a constantly duplicating phantom. All the while fighting, they are being watched by who could be assumed is Lord Rabo who is testing his strength.

ep10noragami8During the festival, Iki is lured away from the crowds by Nora disguised as Yato. When Nora finally confronts Iki, she expresses her desire for Iki to disappear and sends a pack of shadow wolves after her. Being that Iki has already fell from her body back at the festival, she leaps across buildings and lines to get away from the pursuing wolves. Though when cornered, the wolves vanish due to the rising sun.

After the wolves vanish, Nora confronts Iki about the arrival of Lord Rabo, who will kill anyone. Phantom, Regalia, or god. She claims that Rabo is set to kill Yato and that Iki’s presence is a burden. She touches Iki’s face and tells her that she should vanish.

Later when Yato and Yukine finally arrive at the festival they confront Iki about a late attendance. After talking about food, Iki gives them a puzzled face and asks who they are.

Pretty solid episode while rather slow as compared to previous. We got some solid follow-up to the elements set in stone from the previous episode as to how Yukine has changed and how Yato now sees Iki. I really enjoyed how they enforced on Yukine the importance of how much Yato sacrificed for him even though he could have easily taken the route of banishing him.

ep10noragami5It seems that my previous claiming of Rabo being a Nora was false, which works for the better since the arrival of yet another god of calamity can lead to an interesting conclusion. I’m starting to wonder if Yato was ever a god of calamity and if Rabo could be the answer to what Bishamon is really after. I also question just who may have enlisted Rabo to kill Yato, or if it’s personal.

Lots of questions have been created, and we also have the cliffhanger of Iki having her memory wiped by Nora. I’m sure that won’t last long but it could trigger Yato into acting upon what Michizane suggested in fixing Iki’s body slipping problem. Yato could just distance himself until stuff hits the fan later. I hope not!

Sadly, only 2 more episodes left in the season. I’m going to greatly miss this series. If it doesn’t wrap up really well, I seriously hope we get another season. I haven’t checked out the manga yet so I’m unsure if continues on, but I’m seriously considering picking it up.  I’m confidant that no matter how this series ends, this is easily my number one pick of the season (unless Inari Konkon blows me away soon).

Episode 10: Regarded with Hate





  • Solid comedy
  • Good plot development
  • Strong twist


  • Little slow at first

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