Episode 10 Impressions: The Pilot’s Love Song


Isla remain in peril as they are constantly bombarded by the Sky Clan.  The commanders once again call on a suicide mission by the members of the academy, much to the instructor’s displeasure.  On top of that we get an insight into Ignacio’s past and the ties he has with Kal-el as they take flight together to fight for those they desire to protect.

Opening the show we get a glimpse into the history of Ignacio.  He tells of his mother who was a concubine for the previous rule’s emperor and how he was born in a corner of the palace.  He spent his days doing chores and living in secret from the public.  Though when the revolution drew near, he and his mother were kicked out of the palace where they lived day by day starving for food.

e10pilot2For his survival, his mother went into town regularly and came back with food.  Obviously selling her body for anything to give to Ignacio.  That is until her death which he blames on Gregorio La Hire and his spoiled son Karl (Kal-el).  In a fit of rage, he vowed that one day he would kill both of them.

Returning to present time, Ignacio beats Kal-el continuously, almost as if to release many years of frustration upon him.  He calls him out on his sulking and staying locked up in his room while people like Ari continue to fight even with her injury.  As well as how Claire will be giving up her dreams of flying because she doesn’t want him to feel uncomfortable after discovering her identity.

After some time passes, another bombing siren cries out over the land.  In the command room, Commander Leopold once again calls for students to fill in the caps of their short-handedness.  Calling for the students to defend spotters that judge vessel distance.  Though the instructors Sonia and Juan rebel against the command in fear of losing even more of their students to pointless sacrifice.  Sonia commands the students to go to shelters and that she would take full responsibility.  While tearing her badge from her shirt and claiming that she will be leaving the military.

While the students jump at the idea of avoiding suicide missions, Noriaki and Benji decide to pilot anyways, much to the disapproval of Nanako and Sharon.  Kal-el joins in on the discussion late, but also agrees to fly with Ignacio forcefully becoming his partner.

Out in the air, Ignacio commands Kal-el endlessly with the caveat that his directions will ensure their survival.  Using clouds and straight line methods, they swerve with precision and take down plane after plane.  On the other hand, Noriaki panics and flees fire as Benji attempts to keep him calm.  Though after Noriaki sees a vision of Mitsuo he gains a strong sense of courage but not without a mild sense of trembling fear still beckoning him.

e10pilot5As the observation plane falls in a hail of fire, Noriaki and Benji decide to take it upon themselves to do whatever they can to take their place as the enemy base puts up a wall of smoke to hide its presence.  A base that oddly enough is a floating island, similar to Isla.

Decent episode, though once again it paints an obvious picture for a future death.  However since Mitsuo’s death wasn’t that much effected by its foreshadowing, I don’t feel too miffed by it happening again.  Though the idea of Noriaki causing Nanako to cry makes me sad!

At first I wasn’t too sure about Ignacio’s past.  Similar to Kal-el, it doesn’t feel like the vengeance makes much sense.  I guess it was in how it was told, but it doesn’t make it clear just why they were kicked from the palace.  Was it because they were about to be stormed during the revolution, did the fear of uprising within the palace cause them to be removed, or were the kicked out long before the revolution happened?  Because I’m seeing the revolution as the cause for their being kicked out, not the king or his son.  Though unlike Kal-el, he seems to have gotten over some of his pointless killing desire.

We’re down to 2 remaining episodes, which makes me a very worried about the conclusion of this series.  With the fate of Isla, the identity of the third faction, the fate of the Balsteros, the conclusion of Kal-el and Claire’s relationship, the conclusion of Kal-el and Ignacio’s feud, the secret of the end of the sky, the fall out of the instructor’s revolt, and so much more are yet to be answered; I just don’t know if it will all be resolved or even resolved well.  I sense a couple of episode plot dumps in store for us.  Or just an utter flop of an ending.

Episode 10: Sky of Courage





  • Good character build
  • Sad foreshadowing
  • Interesting Isla sister twist


  • Shallow backstory

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