Episode 11 Impressions: Noragami


It remains unclear as to the motivation of Nora and Rabo, but after taking away Iki Hiyori’s memories it seems that Yato will be forced to confront them. A huge battle between gods of calamity is soon to be underway as the fate of a half-phantom is held in the balance.

e11noragami6It turns out that while Hiyori doesn’t remember who Yato is, she still remembers Yukine. As to the extent of her knowledge of him and his ties to Yato remain unknown. Yato is thrown into a huge frenzy as his desire to be known by Hiyori seems very personal. While Yukine believes he should be calm about it and that she should recover eventually, Yato blushes and claims that he’ll jog her memory.

Elsewhere, Rabo is found in a blood stained creek with many human bodies laid out around him. Seems that many centuries ago, he and Yato fought side by side as they carried out the wishes of humans to kill soldiers on the battlefield. While Yato moved on, Rabo remained a murderous being.

The following day, Yato executes his plans to jog Hiyori’s memory. Recanting the moment a girl and god saved a cat, to which she asks which god that was. Obviously not knowing Yato himself is a god. When Yato attempts to remind her of “Milord” the cat by drawing the cat, she asks if he’s a manga artist. Finally, he attempts to remind her by whispering in her ear that they could lay in bed together in order to remind her of the day they met in the hospital, she embarrassingly throws him over her shoulder believing he’s a pervert.

Later that night while attempting to create a visual recreation of their time together, Yato ends up running into Nora after spending all his money on art supplies. Nora admits to Yato that she has removed all of Hiyori’s memories of Yato and claims that anyone’s memories of him are so fickle. While talking, Rabo appears and calls Nora to weapon form to begin his assault.

e11noragami10After many blows, Yukine becomes tattered and bruised making him switch back to human form. After doing so, Nora switches back as well. While Rabo speaks his disappointment in Yato forgetting who he was and becoming so soft, Nora offers to restore Hiyori’s memory if he can defeat Rabo. Following this, the two vanish.

After the battle that developed a vent of phantoms, Kazuma meets with Kofuku in order to get the cause of the vent to which he discovers was caused by Yato’s battle with Rabo. Meanwhile Yato meets with Michizane who reveals the origins of Rabo. That he was once a human and served as a Herald, a man who performs dirty work in enemy territory before being killed by their master in order to keep those acts a secret. Following that, he became a god to answer the murderous wishes of mankind.

During this explanation, Yukine elsewhere gets filled in on how Yato once fought side by side with Rabo and that he was once a god of calamity as well. Though Michizane is not finished. While Yato struggles with Hiyori losing her memory, Michizane calls it an opportunity for him to cut ties with her in order to remedy her half-phantom issues.

While Yato decides to accept this option, Yukine changes his attitude towards the situation. This is due to Kofuku’s comments about Yato and Hiyori’s love for him. Yukine takes Yato’s now finishes picture book and meets with Hiyori. When Hiyori asks if he made the book, he nods and begins his showing. Though it’s obvious by the illustrations that Yato in fact drew it, the final page that Yukine struggle to turn is of much lower quality. The illustration of them becoming friends.

e11noragami1Elsewhere Yato is confronted by Nora once again, she holds in her hand a sphere that is apparently Hiyori’s memories. She claims that Yato must challenge Rabo again or else Hiyori memories will continue to fade until she’s an empty vessel. Yato is struck with pain from Yukine who while handing Hiyori the picture book by request, comes to find that Hiyori has now forgotten who Yukine is.

Later, Yato finds Yukine sorrowful. Yato claims that they will get Hiyori’s memories back to which Yukine agrees. However Yato warns that Yukine could die in the process and that they could be giving them exactly what they wish for, Yato to become a killer again. This doesn’t stop them from agreeing what is best.

Afterwards they catch Hiyori outside her house and claim that they will help restore her memory. While she begins to tear up, she doesn’t know for what reason. As Yato and Yukine take their leave, Hiyori rushes forward and touches Yato’s shoulder, leaving her body behind once again as they teleport away.

An absolutely fantastic episode. I really enjoyed that they didn’t make the memory loss thing feel too generic. It felt real, I was constantly rooting for her to remember, and it never felt as if “the power of friendship will prevail!” was a slogan of the episode. It was grim and no amount of fluff was going to fix it. It helps that I adore Hiyori and her personality. More so in this episode as she faces a huge loss that she’s not aware of.

e11noragami5The battle during this episode was very slick in animation. It’s almost to the greatness of something like Beyond The Boundary. Smooth motion and great sword play. At no point did it feel like repetitive swings, but rather moves that constantly caught me off guard. It was really well done and I can’t wait for the climactic battle next episode.

Probably the pinnacle point of the episode was Yukine showing Hiyori the picture book. It was adorable and heartwarming. I also really enjoyed the final page, that was obviously drawn by Yukine. As he struggled to turn the page, I have to admit I fought back some tears. It was really well done.

The only bad part of this series though is that the next episode is in fact the final! I’m depressed!

Episode 11: Abandoned God





  • Funny moments
  • Not a typical amnesia story
  • Cute picture book moment


  • Only one episode left!

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  • By Neowned, March 17, 2014 @ 8:51 am

    One more episode left, yikes. Well so far it has been a great ride, to bad the antagonist only had really 1 episode and seems like they are not going to truly get to flesh out his story, but I dislike Rabo and Nora anyway.

    Will the other gods show up during the battle, cause I kinda miss seeing Bishamon.

  • By Zeruel, March 17, 2014 @ 10:37 am

    I liked Bishamon at the beginning, but yeah she really did just disappear. Though I started to dislike her over time because of the thread she posed to Hiyori.

    As for Nora and Rabo, I really like how the show turned me from REALLY liking Nora to just despising her. I think it was about the point that I realized she was named by Rabo and that she wanted to harm Hiyori that I started to dislike her. Perhaps I’m just overly defensive of Hiyori 😛

    There is really so much more they can explore past what they have. I hope we see more seasons or else I’ll need to check out the manga. Which bites because a lot of this show’s charm is the sound and animation.

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