Episode 11 Impressions: Wizard Barristers


Shizumu continues his move to take in Cecile to the Macal group in an effort to summon Lucifer and claim his powers.  However it may be the budgetary and/or deadline curse that will bring down the walls as this show comes to its climactic end.  Ruining what could have been a very emotional moment for the series.

As Cecile, Hachiya, Sasori, and Hotaru arrive back at Butterfly Law Offices, Shizumu has already forced his way inside and attempting to apprehend everyone to get to Cecile. Hachiya rushes inside to counter gunshots while Sasori and Hotaru flee with Cecile. Once inside, Hachiya is ordered to hold his assault by Chouno and Shizumu leaps out of the building to give chase to Cecile.

e11barristers7In a dark hospital room, Quinn’s heart monitor flatlines as her fate is finally sealed. However time suddenly stops as Moyo enters the room and gives her a kiss from her finger saying that she must live for Cecile’s sake. After she leaves the room and time resumes, her heart monitor begins ticking again and she awakens to live again.

Elsewhere Shizumu surrounds Cecile, Sasori and Hotaru in a subway tunnel. Hotaru attempts to stop Shizumu but is thrown back by his power. He follows this up by blasting Sasori to a wall as his fellow police officers start to question him being a wud. As they do, he turns his powers upon his men, taking them all out. As Shizumu pleas for Cecile to turn herself in, she responds by unleashing an attack on him. Though he proves to be too much for her and locks her in bindings.

Now under the control of Macal, they execute their ceremony to summon Lucifer. In an isolated location, Moyo comments on becoming one with Cecile and begins to change to a more demonic looking self. Back at the ceremony, members of the Macal start dropping one by one with blood gushing from their mouth and eyes. Soon, Cecile’s hair beads begin to shatter and her body begins to change as from within her she is confronted by Moyo seeking to become one with her.

Cecile’s teeth grow sharp, fingers claw out, wings grow from her back, and a tail sprouts from under her skirt. Rising up into the air, Lucifer begins to speak to Makusu Shimon. Makusu demands the power that is to be granted to the one who summons a spirit to the world, however Lucifer has other plans. Having already wondered the world since the incident 6 years ago, Lucifer has grown to enjoy Cecile’s company. Wishing instead to grant Cecile the power instead of Makusu. While they speak, Shizumu finally leaps into action and disrupts the ceremonial circle and shields the now awoken Cecile. The room explodes in the wake of the broken circle and nothing is left but Cecile, Shizumu, and Makusu.

As Cecile regains herself, she gazes up at Shizumu who is then shot by the enraged Makusu. Claiming the opportunity comes once in hundreds of years. He fires upon Shizumu over and over until he becomes lifeless. As he turns his aim to Cecile, she stops countless bullets in mid-air. Makusu then summons a metamoloid before Cecile follows with her own. Engaging in battle that spans across the skylines and up into the atmosphere before both machines crumble into nothing.

e11barristers2While falling to their deaths, Cecile awakens wings that allows her to glide back to the surface. But not before grabbing Makusu and saving his life. On the ground, Makusu questions her actions but she responds that he must confess everything in court. Which is comical as later Cecile is notified that she has been asked to be his barrister in court.

Just before visiting her mother in jail, Cecile speaks with her father on the phone who reveals something that happened during the incident 6 years ago. Apparently Makusu offered Cecile’s father a way to save her life. It was the summoning ritual that gave them the power to revive her that set everything in motion. While visiting her mother at the jail, Cecile fills her in on the happenings with Makusu and what her father told her. While Cecile hopes the truth coming forth will allow them a retrial, her mother just wishes for her not to hate her father for agreeing to use the summon ritual. Though Cecile knows it was all tricks put together by Makusu.

As I hinted in the opening statement for this impressions post, the animation in this episode was absolutely horrendous. Some have blamed Crunchyroll for forcing a buggy release, but in fact I’ve managed to confirmed that what is streamed there is exactly what was broadcast on television. Due to either a budget wall or just lack of schedule planning, this episode was pushed out with very little care to its final product. Again, horrific.

I can let poor animation pass, but not when it’s done in this way. At so many crucial and pivotal points, we see key characters being shot to death with no reaction from the surrounding characters. Stills with characters screaming and magic happening while people stare with blank faces. I can understand stills, but not when something needs to be shown to make the scene function as it’s intended in the writing.

e11barristers6I have no words to write about the story itself, because it just wasn’t portrayed. This was by far the most crucial point in the series and none of it was shown. Though it was interesting to finally learn who Moyo was, I’m a bit puzzled as to why Lucifer even needs Cecile even though she’s already manifested as a human. I guess to obtain more power from Cecile, though she seems far more powerful than Cecile in that she can stop time as well as burn wuds into nothingness with little effort.

The only redeeming point of the show was Shizumu finally stepping up to protect Cecile. Though again, I’m sad to see his passing was so terribly side noted by poor production. He redeemed himself, and then was just lying there being show while Cecile sat frozen there and unresponsive.

I just hope the next episode isn’t as terrible. But as it stands now, this show went from “okay” to “garbage” in mere minutes.

Episode 11: Shining Cecil



Crucial Plot Terribly Presented


  • Big reveals


  • Terrible animation
  • Terrible production
  • Key plot points presented terribly

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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  • By Amby, March 31, 2014 @ 5:51 am

    I really enjoyed this series, up until this episode. As you stated all the major flaws basically screamed at me. Things happening around the characters that didn’t fit. Wings making a flapping sound, but no animation. Shots fired, no animation. (and so on) Reusing the same exact face-shots over and over. I have to say, it was almost painful to watch. I had to stop the stream for about three minutes just to compose myself, and started reading through the comments to make sure it wasn’t just me before continuing.

    If it is a time issue. I hope they do finish it for the DVD version, and maybe they might upload an updated version on Crunchyroll. It seems to be the only way they can really make it up to the fans who we with them till now. Of course there is only one episode left, and I’m thinking they saved all their time animating the finale instead of this episode.

    I’m not sure if it’s just me or not, but I feel the story is being a bit rushed to fit into the last episodes. I feel like more should be happening. The whole “Demon Cecil / Back to Normal” scene could be stretched out longer. If done right this could have been a 23 episode anime. But what do I know. I’m just a cat. >^_^< Meow.

  • By Zeruel, March 31, 2014 @ 6:50 pm

    Thanks for the comment Amby. I definitely agree with ya (aside from quality), the show did feel rushed in regards to story. I was harping on this around the 6th episode of the show. Since they wasted so many of their 12 episodes talking about each individual character, it left little room for Cecile’s story.

    12 was sadly no different, and left the series with a horrible taste.

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