Episode 8 Impressions: World Conquest Zvezda Plot


Following the battle for the so-called fake treasure of conquering powers, the White Lights reveal their final trump card to winning the battle against Zvezda. They couldn’t wait any longer either as the governor of Tokyo seeks to take over the operations in wake of their continuous failure.

With school out, for obvious reasons, Kate takes Roboko and Asuta out for a casual walk when they stumble upon an anime stage event featuring Kate’s favorite character. Robo Maid, an anime action hero that is voiced by Kaorin Machimoto. Though the Zvezdas don’t know that she is in fact White Falcon of the White Lights.

e8zvezda5The trump card that the White Lights still held was that the commander was in fact the legendary White Light agent named White Falcon (and oddly enough, a woman). Though her connections to Zvezda are later revealed, she’s dead set on taking them down with her latest plot.

Elsewhere, Goro visits an old gang partner from his days as a gang leader who has since become a pastry artist. Pierre’s pastries are quite the hit, but that doesn’t block the fact that Goro once kicked him out of the gang. Though after an unsettling reunion, Goro soon finds himself in the midst of a trap set to separate him from the rest of the Zvezdas. While Pierre goes along with the White Light ran trap, he helps Goro escape at the possible cost of his life.

Back with the rest of the cast, Robo Maid calls for a competition that grants the winner a home visit by hers truly. Which after using her powers, Kate wins by a landslide. However as they walk home, Asuta protests the idea of bringing her to the Zvezda base, which Kate reluctantly agrees. White Falcon responds by hypnotizing them and commanding them to take her there.

At the base, White Falcon disarms any attempt to block her and relishes in her victory before Itsuka arrives home. Strikes are exchanged before Goro arrives and destroys the van holding the other White Lights and leveling the Zvezda base. Goro quickly realizes the identity of White Falcon before she transforms into her get-up and a battle ensues between the two.

Turns out Kaori (White Falcon) is in fact Goro’s step-sister. Goro had married Kaori’s sister Tsubaki who bore Itsuka. However Kaori seems to blame Zvezda for her losing her sister, Goro, and Itsuka. This explains Kaori’s rise to power and utter distaste for the Zvezdas, and why the White Lights have been so set on their destruction under her command.

e8zvezda3After exchanging blows and a near ending of the battle, Itsuka jumps to Goro’s aid. At the sight of her niece, Kaori takes her leave from the battlefield.

A great episode. For once we get some back story that is both interesting and with strong ties to the overall plot. A lot of reveals including Goro, Kaori, and Itsuka’s relation. As well as the purpose behind White Light’s current existence. A lot of bad blood. The battle between them was pretty awesome compared to most of the show’s battle scenes. Interesting techniques and attacks.

With all of that said, Goro really shined in this episode.  Beginning with the solid back story elements mixed in with the sheer butt kicking he laid down.  Which is funny because at the beginning of the series, I thought he would be one of the weakest characters.

The humor was good, and never felt out-of-place. I even got a good chuckle out of the bulldozer scene, as off-the-wall as it was. Despite many comments on White Falcon, she did not end up being the girl in the picture with Asuta on the governor’s desk. Though again, age differences there are pretty big. So it still remains on Renge which bites.

Episode 8: The Falcon has Landed



Solid Episode


  • Good battle scene
  • Engaging plot points
  • Character reveals


  • Still fearing Renge/Sister element

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  • By Neowned, March 4, 2014 @ 8:18 am

    I stile smile when I picture Kate clinging to the back of one of the white light members, who are dressed in Robo Maid outfits, while still talking to Asuta. Plus Robo Maids signiture move, bucket kick and the crowds reactions.

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