Episode 9 Impressions: Engaged to the Unidentified


Kobeni is left in a state of shock after witnessing Konoha requesting marriage from Hakuya.  While it’s not clear as to why should would assume that Hakuya would be interested, it still begins to raise questions as to what exactly Kobeni is thinking by continuing to drag the engagement on.

After tripping over herself, Kobeni fails at covering up her overhearing the marriage proposal and flees the scene with Hakuya following after her.  Konoha questions their actions but Mashiro quickly shoots her down by admitting Hakuya and Kobeni’s engagement.  Konoha assumes the engagement is due to Kobeni and Benio being of their kind, but Mashiro denies this claim with the explanation that they “have their reasons” for why Hakuya would marry her.

e9unidentified6Hakuya catches up with Kobeni in an effort to check on her after her fall, but Kobeni is confused as to why he is not concerned about her overhearing the proposal.  Obviously he explains that he’s engaged to Kobeni, not Konoha.  This encounter is interrupted by Niko pressing for answers on if they are getting married, but Hakuya shoots down the idea by stating that he said “bloody mary” and that they aren’t dating.  While Kobeni takes this wrong, after Niko leaves Hakuya explains his attempt to keep their engagement under wraps as she requested.

Later that day Mashiro admits to telling Konoha about Hakuya and Kobeni’s engagement, much to Kobeni’s disapproval.  While Mashiro attempts to gain pictures of Benio to bribe Konoha’s silence, Kobeni instead confronts Konoha directly.  After asking her to keep it a secret, Konoha points out Kobeni’s disapproval of the arrangement itself.  While Kobeni can’t deny her disapproval of the arrangement, she still struggles with her true feelings.  Konoha suggests that Kobeni just drop the arrangement and let Hakuya free which really puts Kobeni in a bind emotionally.  Causing her to cry.

Konoha is confused and unable to respond to Kobeni’s reaction to her words, but the situation turns another direction when Benio shows up and over reacts to her sister crying.  Kobeni tells her something got in her eyes and Benio claims she’ll have the school cleaned every hour to protect her sister’s precious eyes.  Hakuya sadly even gets involved in the dire situation after hearing from Benio about the dirty school harming Kobeni.

While later that day Kobeni is still struggling with Konoha’s words, when she confronts Hakuya about the possibility of their engagement continuing Mashiro mistakes the conversation for their love progressing to the next level.  The focus quickly shifts to White Day, a day where men present gifts to women to confirm their love.  Though Benio finds this talk very displeasing.

Unfortunately, similar to episode 8, I didn’t find too much to be of enjoyment in this episode.  I’ve frankly been contemplating dropping this show from the weekly impressions segment for the site just because I find myself repeating my dislikes for the show.  It’s just not turning out to be anything of what I was wanting from it.

e9unidentified3My first issue with this episode in particular was Kobeni’s complete cluelessness.  She knows that Hakuya JUST met Konoha not even a day before, but yet she’s flustered and afraid after Konoha proposes to him.  As if Hakuya, who is insanely loyal to her is going to somehow be interested in this girl.  On top of that, a girl who is in obviously in love with Benio.  None of it makes sense.  Not to mention the failed attempt to cause drama over Hakuya denying their relationship to Niko.  It all feels forced.

At least Benio only took over the show for a short period of time, but it doesn’t stop her from just ruining great moments of drama.  Two very unneeded abrupt moments to be exact.  First, when Kobeni is told that she should just let Hakuya free from their arranged marriage.  A very solid topic that should be addressed.  Enter Benio to flip out about stuff getting in Kobeni’s eye and thus breaking up the moment.  Example two being when the house discusses White Day.  Enter Benio to literally shove Hakuya into the ground, throw out a joke, and then disappear from the scene completely.  While the dirt thing was sort of funny, its placement breaks the pacing and puts any attempt at solid character development into the trash.

All that said, Engaged to the Unidentified is most likely going to be put on hold for impression segments.  Hopefully the show picks back up, but until then the ability to write anything about this show is diminishing.  Mainly due to the repeated jokes and that I find myself repeating my issues episode after episode and I don’t feel my readers care to read that time after time.  Fear not though because we will still complete the season and give our full review soon enough.

Episode 9: How Humiliating, I’m So Embarrassed



Lackluster Episode


  • Kobeni realizing she’s dragging Hakuya


  • Repeated Jokes
  • Drama being broken by jokes
  • Pacing issues
  • Terrible writing

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