Episode 9 Impressions: The Pilot’s Love Song


Following the aftermath of the countless lives lost during the first real skirmish with the Sky Clan, leadership contemplate the idea of allying with the Holy Levamme Empire. At the same time, the people of Isla mourn the loss of their loved ones.

As the students of the aerial academy struggle with coming to grips with the loss of their friends and loved ones, one of the most hardest hit is probably Chiharu. As she arrives, Ari can only offer some kind words given to her by the commander. That while the military can only offer a medal, it is a sign of appreciation from all of Isla and the torpedo squad for saving so many lives with his actions.

e9pilot1Elsewhere, Ignacio arrives to Claire to inform her that he was unable to deliver her flowers as the students were at the memorial. Late that night, she chooses to deliver them herself but ends up running into Kal-el. As he declares his love for her, she claims she can never see him again and reveals that she knows he’s Karl La Hire. As he stands in shock, another bombing raid fills the sky with lights that shine on Claire’s face making him realize that she is in fact Nina Viento.

After this occurrence, Claire sheds her name once again to become strictly Nina Viento. At the same time, Kal-el goes becomes a shut in filled with hatred. While at first Ari doesn’t realize why he has become so filled with hate again. Hate that she hasn’t seen since they first met. However after seeing Nina Viento at a speech, she comes to realize that Kal-el has discovered her identity. When she tries to confront Claire, she promises that she’ll help Kal-el and desires for her to return to the academy.

When Ari confront Kal-el once again, she consoles him with a story of her past. How she had a brother once that died shortly after birth due to their poor state due to the government that Kal-el once was heir to. While he knew that her mother died shortly after her birth, the cause was her becoming sick and them being unable to pay for medical aid. Even still, her father took Kal-el in knowing who he was. Kal-el was a son to her father and he had great hopes for him to fly even despite everything that caused the revolution.

e9pilot3She also reveals that due to her injury, she won’t be flying again but instead being a mechanic to aid in the military. As she says this, Ignacio arrives and over hears her words. He asks her to stand aside and not interfere with what will transpire. Ignacio busts down the door, punches Kal-el in the gut and drags him outside to throw him into the lake.

Quite the emotional episode with some long-awaited resolutions. While I didn’t care for Kal-el’s reaction to finding out about Claire, the rest seemed quite good. I just don’t understand how someone can go from love to hate in such a short burst. While I can’t say I understand his personal struggle, it just doesn’t seem fitting that someone can go such a long growth in life and yet still have so much hatred in spite of love’s connection.

That aside, I was kind of enjoying Ignacio’s interaction in this episode. How he aided in Ari speaking to Claire, it was quite a surprise. Seems he has some heart in him. When he arrived at the house and overheard Ari’s confession, I venture to guess he realized who his next partner would be. Even if his initial plan was just to speak to Kal-el. I’m curious to see how he handles the situation in the next episode.

Episode 9:Your Name



Impaired, but good


  • Ignacio’s heart
  • Ari’s story
  • Lot’s of emotion


  • Kal-el’s reaction to Claire’s reveal

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