Episode 1 Impressions: The Comic Artist and Assistants


Always wanted to know how manga artists make their decisions?  Those crucial details that make or break a manga and decide the fate of an entire studio?  Well, you probably won’t find those answers here.  However for some you may find an illogical take on the daily happenings of a manga artist.

The following is an explanation to the events of a rather perverted show. If you find that content disturbing, you can skip to the Thought segment.

Yuuki Aito is a manga artist who struggles with perfecting the art of his job.  Whether it be the right choice of actions a character takes, or the proper use of clothing in a scene.  Though that’s giving him too much credit.  He’s joined in his studio by a few assistants, one being Sahoto Ashisu who seems rather devoted to assisting Yuuki Aito in any way possible (almost).  He also has an editor named Mihari Otosuna who finds his odd choices to be appalling and often rejects his work due to their ridiculous situations.

The show itself is a 12 minute short that spans across 4 topics.  In the first topic, Yuuki is troubled by the concept of groping a breast.  He asks his assistant Sahoto if he could possible touch hers, but she quickly declines.  After a great deal of pitiful whimpering, Yuuki talks her into groping her own breast in order to craft the perfect image in his manga.  Though after a short while, he decides to grab her chest anyways, leading to a swift smack to the face.

In the second segment, Yuuki’s editor Mihari shows up to scold his actions but also to question his recent manga.  In it, a girl shows her panties to a boy she loves.  Mihari finds this to be completely unbelievable and would never happen.  After Yuuki attempts to explain his reasoning, mainly that a girl would do this for the one she loves, he fights for the right to create his dreams and asks the two girl’s their own dreams.  Yuuki’s is to have a girl say she loves him, Mihari’s is to marry and have 2 children, and Sohoto’s is to make be a manga artist that doesn’t cause problems for her editor.

e1mangaka2In the third segment, Yuuki and Sahoto are working together alone again.  Yuuki brings up a conversation about the tactical use of panty shots.  Quoting a study that tells a percentage of males that prefer full panty shots versus partial.  After asking which would be best, Sahoto mentions the possibility of no shot whatsoever.  Yuuki becomes fascinated by the concept of creating a sense of wonder and imagination over revealing, but sadly is against the idea of never being able to draw panties again.

In the final segment, Mihari is enjoying her day off going shopping.  When she finds an underwear store she frequents, she’s appalled to find Yuuki with an arm full of underwear.  Yuuki claims he needs them for reference in his manga drawing.  After buying 100,000 yen worth, Yuuki proceeds to embarrass Mihari in the middle of the store by attempting to help her find some new underwear.  She knocks him out and drags him out of the store.  Once outside, she explains that she’ll never be able to enter that store before attempting to leave him.  In an attempt to make amends, Yuuki offers her some of the underwear he just bought.  A set of double A size that he knows will fit her.  This leads to her being angry about him knowing her size and knocking him out once again.

Well, that had to be about the worst show I’ve ever done an impression on.  Just writing the synopsis makes me realize just how ridiculous it was.  While I have to admit it wasn’t as bad as I figured it would be, it was still a ecchi focused show.  All situations had to do with either panties or groping.

Even putting aside the subject matter, the humor itself was rather unintelligent.  Often pointing at the joke and asking the audience to laugh or just shooting for shock factor.  There was only a couple of points in this episode that I found myself with a chuckle.  However when the entire show is a comedy, that isn’t saying much.

I can’t say I’ll be expecting much of this show, especially when the content itself is rather distasteful.  I may snoop another episode just to see where they take it from here.





  • Unintelligent humor
  • Lacks in clever devices

Anything promising?

  • A couple of chuckles
  • Interesting concept

First Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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  • By Neowned, April 8, 2014 @ 12:46 pm

    Must be a complete list of Otaku Spirts trope riddled favorits. Yeah not a good show, but I guess you now know what you are getting from the show. My inner 10 year old self did laugh at his face when appologizing filled with tears and snot, which are the real payoff ;D

    Well at least its better than the show where the Main can see flags on their heads, that PV was just bad.

  • By Zeruel, April 8, 2014 @ 2:54 pm

    Ouch, if the Flag show is worst than this, I’ll be sad. I’m hoping it will have some sort of similarity to Henneko. But I’m doubting that.

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