Episode 2 Impressions: Nanana’s Buried Treasure


Episode 1 of Nanana’s Buried Treasure created a fairly interesting world filled with some likeable characters to set the scene for a good series.  As the hunt for Nanana’s treasure begins, we get an upgraded cast of characters that has some interesting quirks of their own.

Following Juugo finding the box falling from the sky (dropped by a notorious thief), he returns home to Nanana to reveal a gem that was contained in the box. Turns out it’s the “Eye of Yuguthos”, one of Nanana’s treasures that yields power. This one can reveal if someone is telling the truth or not.

Though Juugo’s find doesn’t go unnoticed as the self-proclaimed Master Detective Ikkyuu Tensai is on his trail along with her assistant Hoshino Daruku. Once they find Juugo’s apartment, Daruku uses a maid outfit to draw his attention before he realizes the smell coming from Tensai’s garbage clue searching self. Strangely enough, Tensai lets herself in and begins stripping to take a bath, seemingly unknowing of social common sense.

After taking a bath, Tensai lays down her evidance against Juugo for being a thief and after being held in a headlock by Daruku it’s discovered that Daruku is in fact a boy (trap). That aside, Tensai takes the gem and promises to return it to the police. Though based on the news the following day, she was taken in as the thief herself when she showed up at the department. Even though Juugo suspected he’d never see Tensai again, turns out she’s transferred to Juugo’s class.

e2nanana5Later at school, the Vice President of the Adventure Club Ibara Yuu tricks Juugo into coming to their club using the appearance of a Maid with Glasses (his favorite). Though after learning that he was summoned by the President Isshin Yuiga he desires to leave only to be beat to near death by Yuu’s odd obsession over Yuiga’s honor.

Yuiga requests to go to Juugo’s apartment in order to see Nanana who openly accepts his visit. Yuiga gifts her some of her favorite pudding before abruptly choosing to cut his visit short. It’s after the President and Vice President leave that Juugo inquires Nanana on her treasures again. Seems in order to find her killer, some of her treasure may be of use. Though she doesn’t care to give their location because she feels finding them is much more fun. Nanana also reveals that a her killer had a dragon tatoo on their neck, though knowledge of this has never lead to a discovery.

After accepting to join the Adventure Club, Juugo, Tensai, and Daruku are tasked with retrieving a box in a nearby classroom at the school. Upon entering, Juugo is stunned to see the room transform into an obsticle course. He fails countless times, sending him flying outside, before Tensai enters and solves the riddle within the room with little effort.

Unfortunately this round of Nanana’s Buried Treasure was a bit more lacking than the previous.  We were introduced to the trope trap character as well as a child genius and seemingly yondere character matched with a level-headed glasses president.  Not only a trap.. but a trap that is thrown in ecchi positions is rather uncomfortable.  I can’t say I’m not surprised to see the full cast of every archetype included, seeing as the first episode had us meeting the middle-aged drunkard.

That said, I can’t help but still like Nanana (even though she was much more subdued) along with a decent protagonist.  Also, for some reason, I still have a bit of interest in Ikkyuu Tensai and her odd personality even if she’s a “child genius detective”.

Oh yeah.. and was the store footage segment really necessary?….

Episode 3 is going to be a bit of a deciding factor for me going forward.  To be honest the show is starting to give off an appearance of a “go find this” setup with some humor thrown in.  Which is not really what I particular care to watch.  Expect an Impression on it however.

Episode 2: The Nanae Island Third High School Adventure Club





  • Some comedy
  • Decent new arrivals


  • Too many typical archetypes
  • Bit uneventful
  • Traps….

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