Episode 3 Impressions: Nanana’s Buried Treasure


The hunt is underway for Nanana’s many treasure that hold unique and sometimes dangerous powers. More dangerous perhaps than the powers themselves are the ruins that Juugo and his partners will soon have to face in order to get them.  But will this all be for nothing when powerful treasures cause trust to be shattered.

As newly appointed members of the Adventurers Club, Juugo along with Tensai and Daruku enjoy a cup of tea from one of Nanana’s treasures called the Xian Cha Fei. Though Juugo isn’t allowed to rest too long as his new club president Isshin Yuiga immediately asks Juugo to do a task only he can do.

This task is to request information from Nanana about the location of one of her many ruins containing her treasure. Though Nanana seems to turn it into a game that, according to Yuiga, is actually quite common. This round, she requires Juugo to play pretend dating and has him feed her some pudding. Though she rejects the pudding itself for being cheap “98 yen pudding”. Even still she gives him the location of one of the treasures atop a glass tower.

Once at the said location, which is filled from wall to wall with shops, the team spreads out to find the location of the ruins. Though not so surprisingly Tensai quickly uncovers its location. Realizing one vacant store lot is pad locked as well as having mirrors on the opposite side to shield its windows from view.

After Yuiga selects Tensai and Juugo, the three enter the ruins and find it filled with tunnels leading to the treasure in the center. Though the tunnels begin to collapse the moment they enter each segment. Juugo manages to save Tensai from two near fatal falls which leads her to express her gratitude. Though this gratitude soon turns to torture as she asks him to run through all of the tunnels as fast as he can.

e3nanana6As he runs, Tensai quickly analysis the rate in which the tunnels are cut loose by the mechanical spider above. As well as the rate in which it recreates new tunnels and they become solid. With this data she gives Yuiga the best route to take to reach the treasure chest in the center.

Once Yuiga rushes to get to the chest, the spider retreats and the three are able to gaze upon their much earn prize. Though Yuiga immediate recognizes the scepter inside and uses it to paralyze his two partners. He then uses it to transport him to the exit and leaves Juugo and Tensai inside as the arena collapses around them.

As Yuiga exits the ruins he uses the scepter once again to put Daruku into a deep sleep and then takes his leave after telling his partner that the two inside should be okay as they are much smarter and able than he. Though back inside the ruins, Juugo and Tensai are forced to embrace each other atop the suspended treasure chest to await help that may never come.

While Tensai and Juugo struggle with the fact that they are embracing each other, Juugo contacts the police to secure a rescue. Though the two arriving to save them are in fact the local thieves in disguise. Since Juugo is unknowing of their identities, he willingly allows himself to answer the disguised police officer’s questions in order to let Tensai pursue Yuiga.

After the two disguised thieves beat the information out of Juugo, he returns home to question Nanana on the powers the scepter holds. She informs him that it allows the wielder’s desires to be manifested, but according to her it isn’t very powerful. While his intentions are still unknown to Juugo, he receives a message from Tensai that Yuiga seeks to make a deal with the head of the Great 7, Ikkaku Shunjuu.

Decent episode overall. I really am enjoying Tensai as a character. I just love her personality as it doesn’t really fit most archetypes. Which is funny since I figured her to be a typical brain child. She still flaws that Juugo manages to assist her with and it makes for some cute moments. I also found the ruins this time around to be a bit more interesting compared to the previous. Though I still don’t care much for the over use of CG.

I hope the issues with Yuiga don’t get downplayed later. I just have some feeling he’s going to come back around and everyone will laugh the situation off. I can hear it now “I had to do this to get them back for (insert wrong doing) and I knew you would pull through fine!”

Also, is anyone else getting “Jesse and James” vibes from the thieves?

Episode 3 – The Ruins 1,000 Meters Above Ground





  • Good character interaction
  • Few funny moments


  • CG use
  • Possible downplay of events

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  • By shadedclan, April 25, 2014 @ 10:49 am

    I liked the moment Juugo and Tensai had when the President left them there. It was kind of sweet. But I also want to see more romance, especially between Juugo and Nanana. Well, that roleplaying they did was somewhat kind of there but that doesn’t count!

  • By Zeruel, April 26, 2014 @ 11:23 am

    Thanks for the comments Neowned and Shadedclan. I have to side with Neowned on this one. Since Nanana is stuck in the room, it makes their chemistry very limited in timeframe. Though they could always find an artifact that could revive Nanana. There’s nothing really set in stone. However if they do that too early, it would ruin the unique element they have in play here.

    That said, I’m on the boat for more Tensai screentime. I’m sold on her 😛

  • By Neowned, April 25, 2014 @ 2:51 pm

    This episode was severely missing some Shiki Maboro screen time. In all seriousness that made Tensai a very likable character in this series so it did its job.
    Getting a good Sherlock Holmes vibe from the pair which is great, I always like light harted mystery.

    Shaded Nanana is great but I don not see that story panning out in that fashion. As fun as it would be to try and attempt to push the story along that route it seems like if there is any romance to be had in this story it will be between the living. Not to say that he will not care for her, just that it will not evolve into anything else. Well nice write up.

    Oh and Welcome Shaded!

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