Episode 3 Impressions: Selector Infected WIXOSS


When last we left our card battling players in the world of WIXOSS, Yuzuki was engaging battle with Akira at the same time that Ruko was engaging with Hitoe. While all seem to have their own purpose for their battling, Ruko still seems to be struggling with that idea herself.

As Ruko and Hitoe open their battle together in a dark corner of a library, Hitoe lets her know that her reason for challenging her was because she thought she was weak and wanted to learn. When the battle field opens around the two girls, they come to realize that the world manifested is bright and colorful. According to Hitoe’s LRIG, the world manifested reflects the emotion between the two battlers. Green and White while also very pure.

When the two engage in battle, the capability of Ruko is quickly noted. Her strategy is somewhat sound and much higher in tactical advantage over Hitoe. Though Ruko quickly realizes that she must lose in order for Hitoe’s dream of making friends to come true. It comes to light that after Hitoe transferred schools, her accent and slowness caused her to not make friends. Even still, Tomo pleas for Ruko to continue to fight because she herself desires to win.

Once Hitoe realizes that Ruko is attempting to throw the battle, she asks her to fight with all she has. Claiming that it would upset her to win under such conditions. With this in mind, both Hitoe and Ruko give their fight their all. In the wake of this, Ruko awakens to a great desire to win inside her.

e3wixoss3After Hitoe unfortunately falls to Ruko in battle, the battlefield doesn’t disappear. Instead Tomo begins to glow, signifying that she has begun to evolve. After the battle, Ruko realizes that not only did her LRIG evolve, but she may have gained a new friend. Possibly answering the wish Hitoe has been struggling for. Though the idea is too rushed for Hitoe and she tells Ruko that she will consider their friendship.

Elsewhere on the battlefront between Yuzuki and Akira, things aren’t so joyous. As the two exchange blows, Yuzuki struggles to take down Akira before she can begin to peer into her cards (and herself). However in no time at all, Akira’s LRIG has grown to the point that it peers into Yuzuki’s heart and unravels her desire for her brother. Even with Yuzuki’s LRIG trying to calm her down, Yuzuki begins to act irrational and use abilities that end up leaving her vulnerable and thus taken down swiftly by Akira’s tactics.

After the battles, Ruko returns home with a book about the WIXOSS cards. She studies it alongside her grandmother before receiving a call from Kazuki regarding Yuzuki’s disappearance. Rushing to meet up with Kazuki, they search high and low before finally finding her. Kazuki questions Yuzuki on why she would confront Akira after all his warnings, though she’s unable to answer and instead pushes back with a statement of their not being able to understand her feelings. Kazuki gives Yuzuki a card that he had traded for her deck.

e3wixoss5Apparently when Ruko and Yuzuki seen Kazuki with the shop owner, she was helping him find a trade for that particular card. Possibly meaning they were in fact not dating. While Yuzuki accepts the card and is somewhat relieved, she rushes off claiming that she needs some time alone.

Elsewhere, Akira walks into work late at a photo shoot. In her dressing room she’s filled with rage at another idol star that was in the building getting pictures taken. She demands her LRIG explain just how many fights she has to win to become an Eternal Girl and get her wish. Though the LRIG claims that winning isn’t the only requirement. After Akira threatens to tear her LRIG card in half and the card tells her to proceed, Akira instead turns her aggression to the objects around her.

Back in the photo shoot room, the target of Akira’s aggression speaks with her LRIG card about the possibility of defeating Akira.

e3wixoss1Another rather uninteresting episode. While the show still seems to have a rather dark appearance, it still just doesn’t feel at all interesting. With 3 episodes under its belt now, any promise of the direction they plan to take the show seems to be in play already. Just a typical card battling show is all.

With that, I’m rather disappointed. I’ll probably give it a few more episodes but for now it fails to show any promise in redesigning the card battling genre. Just some overly dramatic card battling with zero risk involved. I’m not sure why the writers expect their readers/viewers to give any care for a Sis-con wanting to be able to date her brother, or a girl who has friends to find friends. Or even an idol wanting to… probably be a better idol. Then there’s the girl who wants nothing. There’s no hook, character development, nothing.

Unfortunately, unless the show begins to show some promise, Selector Infected WIXOSS will be knocked from the weekly impressions list. Even still, if you wish to discuss the series on the forums, please feel free to hit us up there.

Episode 2: That Poisonous Meeting





  • Some interesting card elements
  • Good musical scores


  • Lacking any hooks
  • Turning out to be typical card show
  • No character development

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