Episode 3 Impressions: The Irregular at Magic High School


With so much discrimination filling the Magic High School, the disciplinary committee seems to be a huge change of atmosphere for Tatsuya moving forward. Though not everyone is going to be so accepting of this breaking of barriers as Tatsuya takes his first step in keeping the peace at the school.

Following the bout between Tatsuya and Hattori, Tatsuya is questioned if he possibly used a self-acceleration spell in advanced.  However no spell was used, instead his technique was purely physical.  Ninjitsu to be exact since he trains regularly with Yakumo Kokonoe.  After being questioned about the disruption that hit Hattori, Tatsuya explains that he generated psion waves to disrupt Hattori’s perception and caused a delusion.  Since magicians perceived psions just as they do light and sound.

Following this explanation, Azusa Nakajo becomes enchanted by Tatsuya’s CAD, realizing that it’s one of the famous Silver Horn.  Crafted by the mysterious genius magic engineer Taurus Silver.  While they discuss this, Hattori regains consciousness and apologizes to Miyuki, realizing that his own judgement was the one being clouded

After the student’s part ways, Mari Watanabe takes Tatsuya to the Disciplinary Offices where he meets Koutaro Tatsumi and Midori Sawaki.  Who are shocked to find that Tatsuya defeated Hattori in a battle.  Since Hattori has yet to be bested in a duel.  The two members seem to accept Tatsuya even as a Weed, which seems to be Mari’s desire in her newly formed committee.  Eliminating the discrimination that has been apparent in the school

e3irregular4The following day Mari sends out the committee after introducing Tatsuya and Shun Morisaki to the committee members.  Tatsuya requests using the old CAD equipment stored in the committee office even though Shun doesn’t understand how someone could use two CADs at once.

Out patrolling, Tatsuya spots Erika being hassled by many club members.  Fearing her about to be thrown in an embarrassing position, Tatsuya sends a gust into the crowd before rushing Erika to a safe location.  There she seems to be falling out and the two are put into an awkward atmosphere.  Though that doesn’t stop them from visiting a showing from the Kendo and Kenjutsu clubs.

However the peace is quickly brought down by an argument between a Kendo member Sayaka Mibu and Kenjutsu member Takeaki Kirihara.  After Sayaka manages to best Kirihara in a magic restricted bout, Kirihara evokes a melee based spell to enhance his training sword into a Sonic Blade.  After cutting Sayaka’s breastplate, Tatsuya spring into action stunning Kirihara an subduing him.

While reporting in, the other members of the Kenjutsu club attempt to attack Tatsuya claiming Sayaka was at fault as well and that a Weed shouldn’t be a Disciplinary Committee member.  Though Tatsuya effortlessly reflects any of their attacks.

A very enjoyable episode. While I am a bit miffed that the show seems to be making itself at home at the school and I wanted to see them branch out, each episode still seems to be keeping me entertained while watching. Tatsuya does a great job of being awesome and delivering dirt naps and the studio has does a fantastic job of delivering some great action scenes.

I also really enjoyed Erika in this episode, just because of how modest she is. In stark contrast to Miyuki’s… more revealing role in this episode. I’m still not too fond of their “relationship” but at least I’m learning to ignore it.

The direction they are taking with the disciplinary committee is neat, and I like the concept of breaking discrimination through Tatsuya’s efforts. Though it could turn this show into a “solve this dispute” per episode thing which may turn salty fast.

Episode 3: Enrollment Part 3





  • Decent pacing
  • Good fights
  • Cute Erika scene
  • Good plot elements


  • Show keeping rooted in place

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  • By Neowned, April 22, 2014 @ 3:22 pm

    Might just have to get use to the school setting cause my friend says that it appears to be following the manga and there are not many instances where it goes out of the school setting. Still has a good story hopefully this conveys to the anime well. I like the MC of my shows being competent.

    *I am afraid to read the Mushishi reviews seeing as I am holding off on watching since I know it is going to be great, and do not want to spoil. I start viewing around Episode 6. Told my girl I would wait to watch it with her 🙁

  • By Zeruel, April 22, 2014 @ 7:17 pm

    Hah! Definitely should wait on reading them then. I’ll eagerly await your feedback. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have been!

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