Episode 7 Impressions: The Irregular at Magic High School


The enrollment arc is finally coming to a close as the opposing Blanche branch is soon to meet an oncoming destructive wave of disgruntled First Magic High members. While they seem to have plans of their own, Tatsuya has never been known for going with the flow of an enemy.

After Jumonji gives command to Tatsuya, he issues his orders and the team goes head-on into the Blanche facility’s front gates with the help of a shield spell cast by Leo. Tatsuya and Miyuki head straight through the front doors while Erika and Leo watch the outside parameter for fleeing men. On the opposite side of the facility, Jumonji and Takeaki enter through the back side.

Upon entering the facility, Tatsuya and Miyuki soon encounter a line-up of soldiers with guns at aim. Heading them is the leader of the Blanche’s Japan Branch, Hajime Tsukasa. After Tatsuya recommends their surrender, Hajime lets out a bellow of mocking laughter before asking Tatsuya to join their cause. He acknowledges Tatsuya’s ability to perform cast-jamming without use of antinite, though Tatsuya obviously ignores his request and points out that the group had been using Mibu and his own brother.

Hajime turns his tactic to perform a gazing spell upon Tatsuya, but it is blocked by Tatsuya’s forth knowledge in his ability. A Conciousness Interference Type Magic, Evil Eye. Which use light patterns projected from his CAD. Tatsuya points out that merely deleting a part of his signal renders it useless. Though Hajime isn’t done, and in a fit of rage he commands his soldiers to open fire. Though a quick spell renders each of their weapons useless as they fall to the ground in parts.

Hajime flees out the rear door and Tatsuya follows behind in a slow pace while giving Miyuki control over the room. A man attempts to stab Tatsuya but instead he is frozen in his tracks by a spell casted by Miyuki which slowly freezes his entire body. After Tatsuya leaves the room, Miyuki casts a Wide-range Oscillation-Deceleration Type Magic that the men call Niflheim. It consumes all of the men in the room into icy tombs. Afterward, it seems as if Miyuki snaps out of a trance and is disgusted by her actions.

e7irregular4In a nearby room Tatsuya once again encounters Hajime with a group of soldiers. This time however the men activate several antinite to jam his magic abilities. Though this doesn’t stop Tatsuya from unleashing a barrage of shots from his CAD gun, much to the room’s surprise. Tatsuya realizes at this point that the large supply of antinite could only mean that their patron is the pro-independence breakaway regime, Ukraine-Belarus and their sponsor the Great Asian Alliance.

After disabling the room, Takeaki enters to assess the damage. Though after discovering the identity of Hajime, he cuts his arm off to both disable his CAD use, but seemingly out of revenge for the damage he caused Mibu. After all is cleared the local government swoops in to clean up. Tatsuya meets up with Miyuki who seems quite distressed by her actions, though it seems that Tatsuya had done something to ensure that her victims were not killed. Though it’s not clear how.

Back at the hospital, it’s made clear that no one at the school that were part of the recent events will be held accountable for their actions. Because each one involved was due to Hajime’s hypnotic ability. The good news continues as the damage sustained to Mibu in her fight with Erika seems to be not all too dire. She looks to make a full recovery in a few months. After Tatsuya promises to be at Mibu’s discharging, he parts ways and encounters a man named Hayama outside her room. Seems he’s from the Yotsuba tribe to check in on him.

Elsewhere we find a lady receiving said information who may be Miyuki’s aunt and leader of the Yotsuba. She claims that she’s fine with Tatsuya’s actions as long as he’s guarding Miyuki. She also points out that he would never betray the Yotsuba family. Or rather can’t.

e7irregular3A few months pass and Mibu is discharged. As Tatsuya and Miyuki arrive and encounter Erika, they note the closeness of Mibu and Takeaki. Turns out Takeaki managed to steal Mibu’s heart during her stay at the hospital as he visited daily to take care of her. As they greet Mibu, Tatsuya is taken aside by Mibu’s father Yuzo Mibu. He thanks Tatsuya for his actions, even though Tatsuya denies the substantial aid he gave. Though Yuzo points out the account given to him by his daughter, and how much Tatsuya discounted her incorrect thinking. Yuzo also notes how much Tatsuya matches what was told to him by Major Kazama, which strikes Tatsuya with a serious tone. Yuzo apparently knew him as they were once comrades-in-arms that shared a barracks, though Yuzo assures Tatsuya that he won’t tell anyone what he knows.

Returning back to the group, Mibu gets hounded by questions of love. She eventually clears up the air by stating that she loved Tatsuya, but realized that no matter what she wouldn’t be able to keep up with him. On the other hand, Takeaki is someone she could. After Tatsuya mentions how Takeaki cut down the man who hurt Mibu, the love gossip continues and he slips away with Miyuki close in follow. Outside Miyuki questions if Tatsuya is forcing himself to be a part of the school for her sake, however he assures her that he too enjoys their time as students.

In another region, news of First Magic High’s take down of the Blanche office spreads. Masaki, a member of a rival school is just completing his training when George arrives to fill him in on the incident. Though Masaki is not so much impressed considering the Blanche members were outgunned. He notes that First Magic High is home to two direct descendants of the Ten Master Clans as well as a number of other able students. Though George thinks they are still no match for Masaki, the Crimson Prince.

A decent episode. It rather nicely wrapped things up for the recent chaos, however nothing big really came from all of it. In the end it seems like this entire arc was to show how powerful Tatsuya and Miyuki are before they most likely start to put their skills to the test in an upcoming “Competition”. Oh goodness this show is going the tournament route! I hope it can keep some sort of importance at the forefront as it moves on into a competition route. They did well with the whole Blanche thing in its previous arc.

I’m curious as to just what the deal is with Miyuki. I guess they just aren’t playing her character right because she did this whole goofy transition from calm and mute, to “you threatened my brother I’ll murder you”, to “what have I done?!” Her personality is all over the place and it feels broken. They also never really explained what he shot at, or if he shot the ice off the guys in the first room. None of it makes sense.

Episode 7: Enrollment Part VII





  • Finally done with enrollment
  • Transitioning plot
  • Good action


  • Miyuki’s personality is jarring
  • Overpowered Tatsuya getting old

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