Episode 8 Impressions: Nanana’s Buried Treasure


After things seemingly settle between Juugo and the members of the Matsura allegiances begin to fall under question between different groups seeking the Treasures of Nanana. Even with the growing number of members, a new strange visitor arrives to throw yet another wrench into the gears.

While Juugo struggles with the new transfers at his school Tsujimi Tetsunoshin and Yoshino Saki, questions begin to arise between Yuiga’s companions on just how he’s choosing his allies. Mainly as to why he won’t bring the new club arrivals under his wing rather than keeping them at arm’s length. Seems their smarts are what scare him.

On a separate night, Juugo has a late night encounter with a man named Ikusaba Hiiyo. Who turns out to the prior resident of Nanana’s room who neglected Nanana and seeks to gain the treasures for personal gain. His mere presence seems to make Nanana uncomfortable, though he’s quickly chased off by Maboro Shiki who demands he cough up his unpaid rent.

e8nanana1This same Ikusaba would soon visit Yuiga, as he was part of the previous club membership, and causes quite a stir when he mocks Yuiga’s leadership as well as threatens to snuff him out.

Well, this show never ceases to bring in yet more characters. Thankfully however, this one was immediately fleshed out to some extent. Outside of just painting him as a selfish and skilled hunter of Nanana’s treasures, he did seem quite linear in scope.

Outside from fleshing Ikusaba out, it was a rather uneventful episode. Even throwing in some more transfer student fiascos. However I did find Saki’s senpai comment to be good for a laugh.

Episode 8: A Strange Visitor





  • Some comedy
  • A seemingly motivated character


  • Nothing to care about
  • The transfer student syndrome

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