Top 5 Mothers in Anime


In celebration of Mother’s Day, we take time to reflect on our most precious relative that not only brought us into the world, but also defined who we are in some cases. In anime, it’s no different. While some mothers never make a showing, others are essential to the outcome of the show itself. To pay tribute to the best, we take at look at 5 mothers who define the role of self-sacrifice and true love.

Warning: The following descriptions may contain spoilers to their respective shows and movies. If you have not watched the following shows, please make note of their warning level to decide for yourself if you wish to read their descriptions.

Princess Mononoke
Spoiler Level: Low

Moro is in no way San’s mother, but in every sense she is a true mother. While chasing down some humans trespassing in her forest, Moro was thrown a baby as a sacrifice by a the fleeing parents. Taking the baby and raising it as her own, this baby soon grew up to be San. Hey, who wouldn’t want a huge wolf god to be their mom?!

Years later Moro would continue to show her protection for San as she always put the life of her daughter before her own. While she may not be the most conventional mother, she was just as protective as any other and at one point expressed her desires for her daughter when speaking to Ashetaka.


Wolf Children
Spoiler Level: Low

The story of Wolf Children told of Hana and her unfailing love for her family. From the beginning, we see a mother who has given birth to two very unique children who obviously have many complications involved in caring for them. Despite this, Hana goes through large amounts of trials in order to feed, care, and protect them.

This carries on as she decides to leave her hometown to raise her children in a secluded farmland. Putting her body and mind through great stress in order to feed her children off the land. All the while she shows great care and tender love to her children as they face the difficulties of being different from people around them. Ultimately in the end she struggles to learn how to let them go as they choose their own path in life.

ngeyuiikariYui Ikari
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Spoiler Level: Medium

Yui Ikari may not have gotten much screen time in a sense, but she is quite easily the most important element to the entire plot of Neon Genesis Evangelion. That is if you can somehow understand what in the world is going on. To put it plainly, Yui Ikari is Shinji’s mother. After an experiment trapped her soul, her desires to protect Shinji and humanity continue on into the future’s creation.

She is often referenced throughout the many points of dialog in the story. She was a loving mother who often spoke of hope for mankind. Perhaps something that ended up driving her husband to the edge he found.

clannadnagisaNagisa Furukawa
Spoiler Level: Medium

While we seen little of Nagisa as a mother, there’s no denying that she goes down as one of the most self-sacrificing mothers around. We essentially grew up with Nagisa. Learning her strengths and weaknesses. Despite her obvious weaknesses, we followed her as she fell in love with Tomoya and soon became a mother.

Love, devotion, and strength that many can never claim they have.  Upon facing all odds in motherhood, Nagisa showed us something that makes her one of the greatest mothers in anime.

kanonakikominaseAkiko Minase
Spoiler Level: Low

Akiko is essentially the ultimate mother figure, despite not being thrown into a tragic role herself. Though the surrounding events that are in play put into effect a mother-like touch that each of the characters are desperately in need of. She’s the cornerstone of the home and a true mother in every sense.

This is quickly made obvious the moment that Makoto Sawatari and Ayu Tsukimiya arrive in her home. She accepts both of them with open arms and often puts her own safety at risk to protect them. She even goes so far as to understand their role even more so than Yuichi Aizawa. Often having to guide him to make the correct decision when things get grim.

That rounds out this top 5 list of greatest mothers. If you have an anime mother that you think stands out from the crowd, be sure to leave us a comment below and tell the world. Until next time, give your mother a hug and slip her a copy of Wolf Children as a great gift idea!  And as always, thanks for reading!

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