Nanana’s Buried Treasure Review


All too often we see cases of anime that seem rather cut short of their potential.  Often leaving very large holes in their storytelling for the sake of drawing attention elsewhere.  Nanana’s Buried Treasure had a great premise, but in the end it seemed to be a classic case of manga promotion. Though one may wonder if there’s still plenty here to enjoy.

Yama Juugo is kicking off his new independent life by moving to a man-made island called Nanaejima. There he ends up paying into an apartment that houses the cute spirit of a murdered girl named Nanana.  He also soon discovers that Nanana was once an avid treasure hunter that loved adventure, and that before her murder, she had hidden treasures throughout the island in ruins.

I have to admit that going into this series, I seen a great deal of promise.  The characters were interesting, especially Nanana and Tensai who seemed to be standard archetypes but managed to break their mold quickly.  There was also an interesting back story to Juugo that made him much more interesting than just a throwaway main character.  However it’s after each character is introduced that we see a freezing of their build.

e3nanana7The show seems to throw character after character at the viewer in hopes of something sticking.  This seems to be by design as a running theme of the show seems to be in creating a stage for future content.  While we’re introduced to over 20 different characters, each with extravagant introductions, they all seem to disappear within an episode or two.  Sometimes they’ll show up later briefly, but none are ever explored.  We don’t get to learn their motivations or reasoning for being there, just another name to remember.

As hinted earlier, this theme continues into the storyline as well.  We are hinted at Juugo’s father, the Matsuri clan, the Three Skulls, and even The Great 7 who created the island.  All of which never get any touching once introduced.  Even the elements that are a running theme like Nanana’s dilemma aren’t even concluded.  In fact, not a single theme of the show found conclusion in the series.  Nothing was wrapped up or solved.

e2nanana6To make matters worst, the entire season ramped up to a big climactic encounter that was cut short.  Instead, we see some sort of still frame in the credits that I’d assume was our closure.  Though after the credits we also get some silly toast to future content that only makes the lack of conclusions several times worst.  It’s like an episode of “Lost.”

The only shining point in the show that kept me going was a shred of hope that they would explore Juugo more as well as the Matsuri.  Then there was the hope that Tensai would get more air time.  To be honest, Tensai was a great character.  She had the feel of a tsundere at first, but was actually just a brilliant but yet flawed girl who always had me entertained in what she would do next.  Unfortunately, like most characters, she too disappeared for most of the show.  I would love a detective series starring her.

The animation overall was very well done.  The characters and environments are bright and lively, while the animation follows it up with smooth and entertaining levels.  I was always absorbed in the more action filled moments when they came around.  The only downside in the animation department was the frequent use of CG in ruins.  It felt jarring from the rest of the show and really managed to pull me out of the experience.

Nanana’s Buried Treasure has an interesting cast of unique and distinguishable voice actors.  From Nanana’s actress Rui Tanabe who voiced Cecile in Wizard Barrister, a cute and exotic voice.  Then there’s the voice of Saki done by Misaki Kuno who was also Kate from World Conquest Zvezda Plot.  A very quirky and childish voice.

e6nanana3The music is also on par with a great selection of subtle and dramatic tunes to fit the need.  I have to admit, even though I never cared for the excessive CG used in the ruins, they did have a great music chorus going on in the background that helped set the stage.  With all this show’s flaws, I can still say the audio work was great.

While Nanana’s Buried Treasure showed great promise in its beginning for something rather unique, in the end it never goes anywhere.  Characters are undeveloped, nothing is concluded, and there’s just not enough here besides good animation to keep one entertained.

Perhaps one day we could get a continuation of the show in other seasons, but for now we’re left incomplete.  Many shows take this route, but the difference is that other shows wrap up a season nicely to be self contained.  This is far from the case with Nanana’s Buried Treasure.

If you like reading manga, you may want to check this out to see if the manga will be interesting.  Though for anyone else, I can’t recommend this show in any way.



Can’t Recommend


  • Good animation
  • Nice character designs
  • Good voice actors
  • Nice premise


  • Story builds to nothing
  • No conclusion or resolutions
  • An obvious manga promo
  • Introduces but doesn’t expand characters
  • Excessive CG use in ruins

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