Top 50 Anime You Should Watch

30. Nichijou

Laughs, insanity, randomness, and pure fun. Nichijou is easily the most funny series you’ll ever watch. Its strength comes in clever writing that never resorts to crude or cheap gags. Instead, it throws its cast of colorful characters into random situations and catches you off guard with hilarious moments that you never see coming. (Comedy)

29. Record of Lodoss War


When it comes to amazing fantasy storytelling, look no further than Record of Lodoss Wars.  This amazingly deep and stunning story follows Parn, the son of a dishonored father.  Seeking answers and to restore his family’s honor, he travels while being accompanied by a roster of equally interesting and powerful allies.  The high elf Deedlit, the powerful sage Slayn and his lover Leylia, and Parn’s mentor Ghim. (Fantasy)

28. Gunslinger Girl


Set in Italy, the story follows an agency funded by the Italian government that employs girls who have experienced near-death trauma and are fitted with cybernetic implants to execute special ops for the government.  Each of these girls are paired with a “handler” that train together and execute these operations. While it may seem typical with the “killer girls” premise, the story along with setting and feel make it much more than that.  It’s an action packed and compelling story that can’t be missed. (Action, Sci-Fi, Drama) (Watch On Funimation)

27. Rurouni Kenshin


Set in the Meiji era, the famous assassin Himura Kenshin wanders the countryside offering aid to those in need as an atonement for the killings he once did.  This is a very dark and violent story that touches on not only redemption but also staying true in the face of vengeance.  There’s plenty of action and brilliant sword play to entertain, but also a touching tale of love. (Chanbara) (Watch On Crunchyroll)

26. Shirobako

Aoi Miyamori is starting her new life in the world of anime production. Taking on the role as a production assistant, the story follows the day-to-day occurrences of an animation studio. The constant struggles from schedules, cutting corners, seeking vision, and of course the rare case of celebration. Not only is it an excellent insight into the animation industry, but it’s also an emotional ride the follows students trying to seek their dreams in a not so kind world.(Slice-of-Life, Drama, Comedy) (Watch On Crunchyroll)

25. Claymore

Dark, Gritty, Violent, and full of emotion. Claymore takes place in a world where humankind is hunted by demons named Yoma. They disguise themselves as the people they feed off of and the only way to counter them is half-Yoma warriors named Claymores. It’s a tale that follows one such Claymore named Clare, and dives into the mind of a violent killer and the fight they have with demons both in the world and inside themselves. (Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Fantasy) (Watch On Funimation)

24. Princess Mononoke


After saving his village from a demon, it’s revealed to Ashetaka that it was in fact a corrupted Boar God who during their fight managed to curse Ashetaka.  Seeking to banish this curse, Ashetaka goes on a quest to find the Great Forest Spirit.  One of the first great Ghibli films to find success in the west, it holds a dark but mythological world that houses both gods and humans fighting for supremacy. (Action, Adventure, Fantasy)

23. Steins;Gate


Rintaro Okabe is a self-proclaimed mad scientist who seeks to break the boundaries of time.  With the aid of his constantly growing team of lab assistants, he works around the clock on his inventions.  Though after working on his phone-microwave contraption, he soon stumbles upon a breakthrough that he may never have wanted.  This show has a clever use of time and storytelling that begs to be watched.  While being a sceptic of any show involving time, I found this one to be refreshing and brilliant. (Sci-Fi, Mystery, Romance) (Watch On Funimation)

22. K-On


A young carefree girl named Yui is instantly drawn to a poster for Light Music Club.  Upon arriving she is greeted by club members Ritsu, Mio, and Tsumugi.  While they are saddened to see her lack of any knowledge in music, they keep her around in order to avoid their club being disbanded.  Want to laugh? Want to smile until your cheeks hurt? Look no further than this series! Featuring a crazy cast, each moment to moment is filled with brilliant comedy and adorable moments. (Comedy, Music, Slice of Life)

21. Eden of the East


While visiting America, Saki is confronted by a naked man with no past.  While inadvertently traveling together, the man discovers that his phone carries 8.2 billion yen and he’s tasked to “Save Japan.”  While difficult to summarize, it only contests to the great writing in this series.  It was truly a great ride of discovery and riddled with amazing twists and turns. (Psychological, Romance, Mystery) (Watch On Funimation)

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