Episode 1 Impressions: Glasslip


Glasslip looks to be quite the romance slice-of-life title for the season. Featuring a large cast of characters, all seeming to carry their own burdens and love interests. With an interesting premise to kick it off, our hopes is that it can stand out from the crowd.

The year seems to be coming to an end and while 4 close friends come together to watch the fireworks, thoughts of separation seems to come to mind as graduation draws near. As a new transfer student named Kakeru Okikura arrives in town during this event, a strange occurrence happens as both he and Touko Fukami catch the same vision at the same time. Though it’s not explained.

As Touko spends her off-time drawing a chicken that is being taken care of by her school, she fatefully meets Kakeru. During their odd conversation, he mentions how cruel it is to keep the chickens there as cats would prey upon them. This sends Touko into a protective frenzy as she enlists her friends to take them home.

e1glasslip10Though it doesn’t take long before each of them return the chickens back to the school and realize the fruitlessness of their venture. As they finally question her reasoning for this fiasco, she mentions the transfer student who oddly walks in on their conversation at this time. While it seems many of Touka’s friends immediately take a nasty eye to him, most likely due to the confusion he created, his purpose for being there seems to be to tell Touka that he seen the same vision she had at the festival.

Off to a fairly confusing start, but a promising one none the less. We were introduced to a very lively cast that were easily distinguishable but didn’t feel archetype driven; which is great. The only fear I have is the quickly obvious love triangles being established.  Yanagi likes Yuki who likes Touka who is interested in Kakeru.

e1glasslip5Outside of the obvious love interests, the episode  was quite confusing.  While Touka’s initiative to protect the chickens created some cute moments, it seemed dumb that no one questioned why they were doing it until after they gave up.  It also just proved to us in a single episode that Touka is stupidly naive.  While she was somewhat cute in this regard, I hope that level of naivety doesn’t continue forward.

All things considered it was a cute start.  The characters are likable, the animation is good, the character styles are cute and well done, and the presentation is top-notch.  With the same studio that did Hanasaku Iroha, what do you expect?!  I just hope it goes somewhere entertaining.

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Episode 1: Fireworks





  • Good presentation
  • Cute moments
  • Great introductions


  • Obvious love triangles
  • Overly naive protagonist
  • Useless conflict

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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