Episode 1 Impressions: Locodol


It seems like every season has its own version of the idol rise to fame series.  It’s a genre that has been done over and over so there’s no doubt a judgmental eye to a new contender in the ranks.  With that said, can Locodol make its mark or take a spill?

Nanako Usami is a young girl with normal desires. One of which is to get a new swimsuit and join her friends at the newly remodeled public pool. However due to her family’s tight budget, things are looking rather grim.

Luckily, her uncle has come to the rescue by offering her a part-time job at the big event being held at the pool’s grand reopening. Jumping to this, she rushes out and buys a new swimsuit with the money her uncle supplies and reports in for work.

Upon arriving, she finds her uncle at a big stage and is filled in on what she needs to do for her job. Simple put: get on stage, welcome everyone, and sing. While this sends a shock into Nanako, she’s forced to deal with it thanks to the money she had already spent.

e1locodol1Her uncle explains his plan was to have Nanako along with her co-star Yukari Kohinata, become local idols (Locodol) in order to spark the economy and tourism to Nagarekawa which is in danger of becoming a ghost town.

After Nanako meets Yukari who ends up being quite the looker (according to Nanako), they both put on their swimsuits and hit the stage. Nanako is obviously nervous while Yukari shows quite a bit of comfort on stage. As Nanako struggles to keep her composure, audience members become bored and start to leave.

Nanako’s uncle calls for them to sing a song, but they are completely without practice. However thanks to a cell phone ringtone of the Nagarekawa anthem, the two strike up a cord that pleases the crowd to roaring applause.

e1locodol6A fairly promising start. I have to admit that Nanako and Yukari have some great chemistry about them. I don’t know why people were bored watching them fumble, but a mixture of a professional-like Yukari and a fumbling and nervous Nanako was a great show.

While it didn’t feel like anything particular about the show stood out, it kept me entertained throughout. Which is great since I’m not a big fan of idol shows in general. I think the fact that they are in a small town setting and just being local idols makes it more interesting to me. Much more grounded and less grand scale.

I do wonder if the show will pan out from here, but with such good chemistry, I’m keeping my hopes up. It is important to note that this show is based on a 4-panel comic and so a lot of it feels odd in pacing. A lot of the fluff is removed and it hops from point to point. Which is surprisingly good to be perfectly honest.

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Episode 1: [Locodol] We Tried Starting It.





  • Cute
  • Good chemistry
  • Some funny moments


  • Bit slow at times

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