Episode 2 Impressions: Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei


After an odd ending to their previous night’s ordeals, Illya finds herself a bit confused as to what awaits her as she returns to school.  Who was this strikingly familiar girl who appeared and what is her intentions?

After getting a terrible horoscope reading from television, Illya heads off to school with a gloominess about her. While Ruby tries to help by doing her own predictions, they only seem to point out near death experiences Illya faces one after another.

After she recovers in the school nurse’s office, Illya is allowed to go home with the company of Miyu. Though they quickly discover just what has been happening all morning as the mysterious clone appears with the form of the Archer Card. Sending barrage after barrage of deadly attacks Illya’s way, it seems this girl they call “Kuro Illya” has only one focus; to kill Illya.

e2fatekaleidliner2wei6Another disappointing episode to add to this show’s roster. While we did get a few interesting combat scenes that had some good action, it seems the aim for the split character arc is to just have her be Illya’s “Deep Desires”. Which is essentially an excuse to push Yuri.

There’s always plenty of simple ways to sell a failing show I guess. Include nudity, panty shots, or yuri. I can’t say I’m surprised to now see the inclusion of a 26 second young girl on young girl tongue slopping and moaning kiss. I’m fine with people getting their Yuri fill, but this drug out too long and was way too erotic sounding to be comfortable to watch.

Seeing as I didn’t have much hope for this series to begin with, I’m glad to finally have an excuse to stop covering it. It’s pushed beyond cute and silly to the level of mild child pornography. Fine if you’re alright with that, but I’ll pass.

Episode 1: Illya X Illya




  • Decent combat scenes


  • Signs of shallow writing
  • Distasteful
  • Yuri bandwagon

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