Episode 2 Impressions: Sailor Moon Crystal


After many misinformed individuals had to deal with a no-show last week for their expected Sailor Moon Crystal viewing, the bi-weekly cycle is finally concrete for everyone. Usagi arrives yet again to meet another sailor scout and protect the citizens that surround her.

It’s no secret that Ami Mizuno is brilliant and hard-working at school. Smart and dedicated, she can solve any problem placed before her. Except for maybe meeting friends. Despite this schoolyard trivial stuff, Luna seems to have an eye on Ami as a possible candidate for the sailor scouts.

This perception leads Luna to create a rather obvious attempt at getting Usagi and Ami to meet. Dropping on the unexpected Ami as she heads to her seminars, Usagi rushes up to make sure she’s okay. Turns out Ami has taken quite a liking to the cute cat and both her and Usagi hit it off. After the two enjoy a quick game at the arcade, which Ami completely dominates, the two part ways for Ami to make her seminar in time.

e2sailormooncrystal9Elsewhere, we find that Queen Beryl is quite displeased that the Legendary Silver Crystal has yet to be found. Dispatching Jadeite once again, she hopes that she will not once again be disappointed. Jadeite takes action by summoning up yet another terror that utilizes mind control software to control the students at the very same seminar Ami attends.

While nostalgia definitely manages to keep me afloat when watching Sailor Moon Crystal, I can’t deny the rather large amount of disappointment I have for this visit back to a classic. Granted the story is simple on purpose and the dialog is rather entertaining at points, I still can’t get over the rather lazy work that is being done on its animation.

e2sailormooncrystal10Characters often look wonky at many points and then of course the terrible work done on the CG during the transformations doesn’t help. Being such an anticipated return, you would think bar would be set pretty high from the get go.  That and they are on a bi-weekly schedule.

Visuals aside, we got a good look into Ami’s character as well as seeing into Usagi’s relationship building with her. It was rather cute and enjoyable to say the least. Better yet, I enjoyed a lot of the more comical points that make Usagi shine in her rather naive self.

For the next episode we have the arrival of Sailor Mars which is a personal favorite. Definitely look forward to her introduction and hopefully a not so terrible transformation and show of power.

Episode 2: Ami



Honeymoon is over.


  • Some comical moments
  • Good intro to Ami


  • Visuals are wonky at times
  • Poor CG

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