Episode 3 Impressions: Akame ga Kill!


There’s no doubt about it: Tatsumi is shaping up to be a splendid assassin. That much is certain after he took out Ogre by himself. But things are just getting started for our young protagonist. With the mission to save his village on his mind, would he learn more?

e3akamegakill1A group of assassins from one of the surrounding tribes locates Night Raid’s base and makes its move. However, they don’t stand a chance. It becomes clear that they were used to introduce the Imperial Arms, also known as “Teigu”, to us. Imperial Arms are ancient super weapons shrouded in mystery as “nobody” really knows how they’re made. The Night Raid assassins, each wielding one of these powerful weapons, make quick work of the intruders.

As earlier hints dictated, Akame uses a “one hit, certain kill” sword that spreads cursed poison from the wounds it inflicts. Bulat uses the Incursio Imperial Arm which covers his whole body in a badass armor. Mine is a capable sniper, using the Pumpkin Imperial Arm that adapts its power depending on how dire the situation is. Sheele uses an enormous pair of scissors that easily cuts bodies in half. Leone is more hands-on, turning into a beast that tears her foes apart. And finally, Lubbock. A versatile and delicate string user, having used them as a weapon and a tool for strategic positioning.

e3akamegakill2As the Boss stated in the previous episode, Tatsumi is to be Mine’s subordinate from now on. But Mine’s expected extortion comes to a halt when a public execution showcases once more how cruel the Imperal city is. We’re also confronted with the Prime Minister’s atrocious behavior as he manipulates the infant Emperor. A new mission that requires the death of Iokal, a distant relative of Minister Onet, has Night Raid on the hunt once again.

During this mission, we learn about Mine’s past. It turns out that her resolve is fueled by the promise of discrimination being eradicated once the Revolutionary Army succeeds. Mine, being half foreign, had a tragic childhood and doesn’t want anyone to experience the same. Night Raid carries out the mission before the final scenes tease a new threat. Another Imperial Arm user.

e3akamegakill3The Imperial Arms are a very nice addition to the story as they offer mystery (their origin) and interesting abilities all at once. It’s safe to assume that “Imperial” indicates that the Imperial city has something to do with them, which is potentially great set up. The world of Akame ga Kill! is clearly still being built, so the numerous introductions are to be expected. I can’t knock the informative value that these episodes contain, especially since a huge pay off could be pending.

What I definitely also appreciated is how they mixed up worldbuilding (the Imperial city) and exposition on the Imperial Arms instead of solely focusing on one of them. It saves a lot of time. However, it’s time for our Night Raid assassins to face a real threat. You can only use fodder to establish things so many times before it becomes stale. But things are looking up as the next episode will feature a hostile Imperial Arm user. It also seems like he’ll be giving Tatsumi a very hard time based off the preview for next week, so my prayers may have been heard.

Episode 3: Kill Your Cares





  • Character development (Mine)
  • Imperial Arms (mystery/abilities)
  • Worldbuilding


  • Fodder

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