Episode 3 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


With the arrival of a new character in the Sword Art Online series comes a bit of question as to why we would care for them. With so much put into Kirito and Asuna, spotlighting someone else will require some extra care. Luckily with episode 3, we get plenty of what we ask and then some.

While in Gun Gale Online, Sinon is a fearful sniper of a group of thieves, in the real world she is Asada Shino, a typical young girl. A typical girl with one major problem, bullies. While walking home, Shino is dragged into a nearby alleyway by a group of girls where she’s harassed into giving up her money. Though she refuses to do so, one of the girls teases her with her hands in the shape of a gun, throwing Shino into a huge panic attack. Thankfully Shino’s friend Shinkawa shows up and scares the girls away by shouting for the cops.

Later while the two enjoy a drink at a nearby cafe, we learn that Shinkawa had originally gotten Shino into Gun Gale Online. However due to him being a victim of the Agility trend, he’s quite useless in PVP and has decided not to attempt to win the Bullet of Bullets competition. Though this seems for the best as he’s focused on becoming a doctor by request of his dad. Even still it seems he longs to protect Shino, even in the game despite her completely surpassing him.

Later while at home, Shino contemplates picking up a gun that she keeps stashed away. Turns out there’s a legitimate reason for why the bully chose to mimic a gun to throw her into a panic. A tragic fear of guns that has a very unfortunate reason for existing.

We sure did dive into some real character development for Shino/Sinon this time around. Much more engaging than our previous episode. A very believable situation for why she is as driven as she is to win. It manages to put a bit of my fears to rest that I had coming out of episode 2.

Suffice it to say, things got dark. Real dark. The same dark atmosphere I once had with the original SAO arc and it has me excited. Even with Kirito taking the back seat once again, I’m already feeling a bit of connection towards Sinon which is great.

On the flip side, I thought the mother’s actions was pretty stupid.  Granted I’ve seen people defend her saying that it was only a brief moment, but I strongly disagree.  They go out of their way to point out that Sinon is now being taken care of by her uncle.  She demonized her.  That’s terrible writing or a trope terrible mom.

To end on a comical point, anyone else have the desire to punch the bully girl?

Episode 3: Memories of Blood





  • Good character build
  • Sinon’s past
  • Things got dark..


  • Worst mom ever..

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