Episode 3 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul


We left off last week with Kaneki still being rather clueless as to where he goes from here. We also got teased with two characters that showed potential to be valuable additions to the story. Exploration of either or both story elements would be appreciated. Let’s dive right in!

It doesn’t take long before things get violent again. A certain Yamori breaks into a clinic, clearly wanting something that isn’t expanded on just yet. The doctor is in a tight position, and his wife and daughter are concerned… Back at Starbucks (I mean the Anteiku), Kaneki’s big training arc begins! Well, not quite. Manager Yoshimura is helping Kaneki with his integration. The woman and daughter from earlier, Ryoko and Hinami, take shelter at the Anteiku for reasons that should become clear later on.

e3tokyoghoul1Inevitably, “the other side” got introduced. The CCG, a governmental agency that investigates crimes connected to ghouls, has one goal: To purge Tokyo of the presence of ghouls. What’s even more interesting is that the two characters from last week, Amon Kotaro and Mado, get assigned to the 20th Ward, where the Anteiku is. With one lead and a resolve that is hardly backed by moral justice, they set out…

The activities of the CCG investigators (or “Doves” as ghouls like to call them”) don’t go unnoticed for long as Yoshimura compels Touka to have a mask made for Kaneki’s safety. On the way back from Uta, the mask artist(?), we learn that Hinami has to stay away from her father and that she’s anxious. This causes Kaneki to reach out to her and they end up bonding over books. The episode ends when a mysterious, but relaxed purple-haired character enters the Anteiku…

While “Kaneki, one latte intestinato with three little fingers!” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, it’s good to see that Kaneki is finding a home at the Anteiku. This brings about a much-needed positive shift in Kaneki’s character as there’s a whole lot less crying going on. Yoshimura’s friendly stance towards humans is noteworthy and potentially suspicious. Seriously, an old man who takes in boys AND has the “eyes permanently closed” trope… I hope someone has the authorities on speed dial. All jokes aside, Yoshimura is great when it comes to molding Kaneki for now. So kudos to you, gramps!

e3tokyoghoul2One thing I want to mention about Mado and Amon from the CCG is that they’re wielding the sharpest attaché cases of all time. We know that their rampage trail will soon reach the Anteiku or its employees, so it’s just a matter of time. If I were to describe the mysterious character at the very end with one word, it would be “nope”. Purple hair (Yes, looking at you, Rize), extremely relaxed, a cliffhanger appearance… I certainly do not trust him straight off the bat, but we’ll see how things play out.

Overall, this episode lived up to the standard that Tokyo Ghoul set up for itself. Another top-notch visual and auditory presentation with beautiful animation and fitting soundtracks. Once again, the only complaint is the censorship, which I don’t aim to mention every week. Seems like it’s there to stay, guys. Luckily, it doesn’t take away too much from my personal experience and I’m, just as always, eager for more!

Episode 3: Dove





  • Kaneki integration
  • CCG establishment
  • More mysteries to speculate over


  • Censorship
  • Touka’s initial and stereotypical hatred towards Kaneki

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