Episode 4 Impressions: Barakamon


Handa continues his new temporary life on a secluded island. While he seems to be fitting in a bit more than he originally expected, new troubles seem to arise that make him question his stay.

Living in such a remote town has some perks when it comes to peace (sort of), however one element definitely plagues such a place. When Handa’s computer and cellphone appear broken, there’s no chance that anyone would be able to fix it.

While his stress level skyrockets following this incident, he finds solace at one home that is riddled with cats. Cats that Handa finds extremely cute and soothing. Though after meeting the owners of the house and getting a close encounter with one of the cats, he’s reminded that he’s in fact highly allergic to them.

Continuing his mission to contact his brother for a replacement computer, Handa ends up meeting Tama’s brother Akki. Akki turns out to be quite the spitting image of his sister, but according to Naru he’s a pro video gamer.

e4barakamon8Later while heading home, Handa has a terrifying encounter with Miwa’s father who enlists him to paint a name on his brand new fishing boat. While Handa is extremely hesitant to write with paint brushes he’s never used and on a not so flat surface, the constant mocking of the father leads him to make a difficult decision.

Overall a decent episode. I got quite the chuckles out of Handa’s encounter at the store. Struggling with rotary phones and just the overall cute interactions he has with the local kids. Some really fun and heartwarming stuff.

Seeing Miwa’s embarrassed attitude during the boat scene was fun and I also got quite a kick out of the kids messing around with the paint. If this show can do one thing right, it’s capturing the fun and innocence of the village youngsters.

Outside of that, it was a relatively tame episode that had me entertained despite it’s shortcomings. Like I mentioned before, it’s at its best when it gets to the heart of the townsfolk. Though it’s constantly held back by not getting too involved with anything.

Episode 4: Shiman Ontsuandon – Men of the Island





  • Cute and fun interactions with kids
  • Funny moments at the market
  • Good conclusion


  • Plays it safe too often
  • Doesn’t get too in-depth

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