Episode 4 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul


After last week’s interesting additions to the story, including a mysterious purple-haired guy and the “Doves”, we were almost certain to learn more about one of them at the very least. Or would it be more of Kaneki getting accustomed to the ghoul life?

The man who made a cliffhanger appearance last week is revealed to be Tsukiyama. Widely known as the gourmet ghoul, he sets his eyes on Kaneki. Drawn by his scent, Tsukiyama uses anything to get closer to Kaneki. Whether it’s through Kaneki’s passion for literature, or information about Rize he desires.

e4tokyoghoul1After a day’s work at the Anteiku, Yomo adds fighting lessons to Kaneki’s “how to ghoul” curriculum, since the Doves are now in the 20th Ward. After their short scuffle, they head over to the Helter Skelter bar where they meet Itori (the owner) and Uta (the mask artist from the previous episode). Yomo, Itori and Uta come off as friends and do some catching up before we get some delicious information.

Kaneki is a very rare case as human-ghoul intercourse usually leads to death. But even so, there is another half-ghoul just like Kaneki out there. We also get more hints at Rize’s death not being accidental, which could mean that Kaneki’s current state is a result of someone’s intentional doing.

At a later time, Tsukiyama leads Kaneki to a place he labels as Rize’s favorite place.  After the curtain falls on this apparent trickery, it becomes obvious that Kaneki has been set up. Fully at the mercy of a freakfest orchestrated by Tsukiyama, Kaneki has to fight for his life. By chance, his red eye gets exposed for everyone to see. This triggers Tsukiyama to step in, driven by a selfish notion to keep Kaneki to himself. Tsukiyama isn’t sharing his prey…

I knew it! Seriously. Tsukiyama has a cunning, snake-like vibe that is topped off by a disturbing lust for the main character. Orochimaru 2.0 anyone? Even if Tsukiyama isn’t the most original character in the bag, he does provide a new layer of threats for Kaneki to deal with. Time will tell if his implementation is beneficial for the story, but he’s being quite the effective creep so far.

The Uta-Itori-Yomo interaction showed some promise for future exposition on their pasts and their connections. In all honesty, I’d love to have a drink at the Helter Skelter since it was the place to be this episode. The information we received contained worldbuilding elements and plot implications that shed light on where the story is going. I was only thrown off by Touka’s part. It very much felt like her scenes were there just to have her in the episode. But it wasn’t enough to lower the quality of this great, informative episode that introduced an unpredictable character with joker traits!

Episode 4: Supper





  • Worldbuilding elements
  • Plot progression
  • New threat for Kaneki


  • Touka’s part seemed a bit forced

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