Episode 4 Impressions: Sailor Moon Crystal


In this episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, it seems we take a bit of a break from the recruiting process of the sailor scouts to get a bit more person interaction between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. Which turns out to be quite a good change of pace!

Despite now having three of the scouts awakened, Luna is still not satisfied. She fears the intentions of Mamoru Chiba and knows that they must awaken all of the scouts in order to find the Legendary Silver Crystal and break the seal trapping the princess.

Time is of the essence as Queen Beryl and the servants of the Great Ruler seek the crystal as well in order to revive the Great Ruler. Nephrite, Kunzite, Zoisite, Zoisite, and Jedite are those very servants, and they leap at any opportunity to snatch the crystal up.

That opportunity seems to be now as a ball is being held for Princess D as she is soon to reveal the great family treasure. A treasure that could very well be the Legendary Silver Crystal. As Usagi’s father is attending to interview the princess, Usagi takes it upon herself to use her disguise pen to get both her and her friends into the ball.

e4sailormooncrystal8Once there, Usagi has a fateful encounter with who she believes is Tuxedo Mask, and the other sailor scouts end up uncovering the plot by Nephrite to steal the family treasure.

Wow, things are moving rather quickly for the romance in this telling of the Sailor Moon story. We already have our first kiss scene! Every bit of the interactions between Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba in the dance hall, during the battle, and after was really cute and charming. Really well done in comparison to the rest of the series so far.

With that said, everything outside of that was intriguing as well. We started diving into the Legendary Silver Crystal, its use, and the four servants of the Great Ruler. Rather meaty and I hope the show keeps up the pace. Heck, we even finally get Jupiter next round! One of my favorite scouts growing up!

Episode 4: Masquerade Dance Party





  • Sailor Moon X Tuxedo Mask
  • Good animation for once
  • Good story build


  • Some off-putting character designs

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