Episode 5 Impressions: Akame ga Kill!


Zank is gone. But if anything, he sure was an indication that foes are getting better. Even with this vote of confidence for the future, just what lies ahead for Tatsumi and the members of the Night Raid assassins?

Sheele is next to train Tatsumi. Small talk leads to her personality and past being expanded on. Being the clumsy girl from a young age, and packing quite the unfortunate backstory, she was finally able to find her purpose. To rid the world of garbage. Back at the main base, Najenda (the Boss) allows Tatsumi to try the Imperial Arms that was retrieved from Zank. Not so impressed by its looks, but simultaneously acknowledging its abilities, he tries it on.

But Tatsumi gets rejected as a certain amount of compatibility between the wielder and Imperial Arms is required. When Najenda hands over a book with information on the Imperial Arms to Tatsumi, he asks about the strongest Imperial Arms.

e5akamegakill2Najenda goes on to explain that the title of the strongest belongs to the Imperial Arms that controls ice. And though its wielder (Esdeath) is currently MIA because she’s conquering the north for the Imperial capital, Najenda is clearly worried. Until Lubbock states that even Esdeath would need at least a year to complete her mission, that is. But Tatsumi drifts into a world of his own…

All this talk about the amazing Imperial Arms has Tatsumi thinking about something entirely different. Still clinging to his memories of Sayo and Ieyasu, he hopes to revive them with one of the Imperial Arms. However, his hopes are quickly crushed when Tatsumi is reminded of the fact that the Imperial Arms were created because of the ancient Emperor’s inevitable death. His revival would have been set in stone if such an Imperial Arms existed.

e5akamegakill3Tatsumi hits another low point. He thought he had given up on his friends, only to have his newfound and premature resolve rendered useless. Luckily, Sheele offers emotional support. Meanwhile, Esdeath has made quick work of the north, having dealt with them instantly. Thoroughly disappointed by how little fun she had, Esdeath seeks an opponent that can satisfy her. Even Numa Seika, hero of the north, was reduced to a pet-like state…

The Imperial capital has been keeping tabs on Night Raid and their recent killstreak. The Minister uses his manipulative influence to divert attention away from the growing Revolutionary Army, to Night Raid. To deal with our assassins once and for all, he assigns none other than Esdeath.

e5akamegakill4When Tatsumi loses Leone due to some bizarre circumstances (which means he’s lost in the Imperial capital), he gets saved by Seryu from the Imperial police and Coro, her (living) Imperial Arms. Portrayed as an officer obsessed with justice, she unknowingly helps out Tatsumi, an assassin of the very group she’s targeting: Night Raid. And not just for any reason. Night Raid is responsible for Ogre’s death. Seryu’s now deceased master…

e5akamegakill5A very eventful episode of Akame ga Kill! Zank’s Imperial Arms was a great way to reveal the need for compatibility with those that wield them. Sheele’s development was good, but it got completely overshadowed by Esdeath’s introduction. Trust me, a manga reader, when I say that a god has arrived. This isn’t just bias anymore. Keep your eyes on Esdeath. Our ice queen and Seryu both provide excellent set-up for future episodes.

One could easily sympathize with Seryu, who’s trying to avenge her master. Nothing better than a battle between two sides that you can honestly root for. All in all, another great episode. One that leads into the meat of the series.

Episode 5: Kill the Dream





  • Character introductions with great set-up (Esdeath and Seryu)
  • Character development (Sheele)
  • Good humor


  • One particular frame of Esdeath looked very weird

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