Episode 5 Impressions: Barakamon


It seems even with the Narukain exhibit only a month away, Handa is doomed to never find time to get in his work.  Be it konomon on the mind, teaching kids how to write calligraphy, or taking a pack of students to the beach.  Nothing seems to go right.

After Naru’s grandfather arrives with some konomon, Handa is surprised to find them insanely addicting. So much that trying to think about anything but konomon is impossible. Luckily after wiping them out, Naru arrives with yet another batch. Though with her comes Tama and Miwa to finally get their free lessons in calligraphy. Something they may end up regretting as Handa takes the task really seriously.

While Handa steps out of the house for a while, Miwa goes on the hunt for some sign of Handa having a wife. While they don’t seem to find anything but an old picture of some friends, Naru turns doom and gloom at the possibility of Handa being taken (or perhaps being a wife..).

Some time later, Handa is requested to be a chaperon for the kids on a trip to the beach. Seems their regular chaperon is tied up but thankfully Handa agrees to help. Unfortunately for him, walking the slippery rocks takes quite a bit of practice and he ends up knocking himself out a few times. Leaving the kids to play at their own leisure, and even get into some mischief.

This episode was sadly a mixed bag. While the first segments got a few chuckles out of me and the mid skit with the wife investigation was comical, the last part fell flat. This was partly due to the rather lewd jokes they chose to use with the kids. It changed it from an innocent fun scene to just plain inappropriate. Then there’s Tama.. the joke is rather beaten to death by now.

As I said though, I got quite a kick out of the whole wife investigation. Just seeing Naru’s goofy reaction and panic state was classic. Even discovering his prized idol and the sheer judgmental statements he received when he returned.

In the end, not too much to gather from this entire episode. Even if it managed to catch my heart at the very end when the children became guilty for their actions. Too cute.

Episode 5: Unnioegī – Going to the sea to swim





  • Cute conclusion
  • Some comical moments


  • Tama’s joke overstayed
  • Some tasteless jokes

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