Episode 5 Impressions: Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun


While most of our time has been spent with Nozaki and his small team of random schoolmates, things take a big shift as we look closer to his editors instead. Seeing what he currently works with, and more importantly, what he used to work with.

After Sakura gets a quick and not-so good first impression of Nozaki’s current editor, she begins to question if the man’s very blunt and short in words nature is just a sign that he hates Nozaki. When she brings this to Nozaki’s attention, he explains that anything he currently has is better than what he once had.

This turns into a bit of a revisiting of a past editor who used to claim every idea was his. Often throwing out obvious holidays as writing ideas. This prevented Nozaki from really being able to hit on any solid concept in fear of it being claimed by his editor.

At a later time, Nozaki is questioned by his editor over his recent submission. It seems his female characters lack any real inspiration or depth to their reasoning for liking things. To respond to this, Nozaki decides to do some in-person investigation.

e5monthlygirlnozaki4He takes on the persona of his female protagonist and begins acting out scenarios while at school. While his lunch idea seems to turn out well enough, it’s not until he decides to take it a step further that he kidnaps Kashima from her adoring fans that things get a little out of hand.

This time around, things were a bit mixed. Unfortunately, besides a few spots here and there, the whole segment with the old editor was a bit lacking. Although I have to admit that the Tanuki stuff was rather comical.

The second segment was much more hilarious and I got a kick out of Nozaki’s crazy attempt at becoming Mamiko. Especially giving food to Mikoto and racing off with Kashima. Poor Kashima just looked too funny being caught up in the whole ordeal.

Episode 5: The Man Who Envisions Love


Half and Half

Half Great, Half Meh


  • Hilarious chase scene
  • Tanuki!
  • Cute moment from Sakura


  • Old editor bit got dragged out
  • Slow start

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