Episode 5 Impressions: Terror in Resonance


Things are definitely heating up for Nine and Twelve as they end up biting off more than they can chew.  Seems that their game of cat and mouse has caught up with them as a new opponent enters the scene.  An opponent that has them in fear.

Nine makes himself clear on the new arrival of Lisa in their apartment.  She’s a risk, and as soon as she recovers from her fever, he wants her gone.  Though Twelve seems to comically think her presence is fine, even after she nearly sets off a set of bomb triggering cell phones.

After Nine and Twelve release yet another video upon the people, Shibazaki takes little time to solve the riddle.  Though this seems by design as Nine seems to want Shibazaki to figure out their main goal.  The goal to tie everything together.  Each target location is connected to specific people, that when tied together will reveal their real goal.  The Governor of Tokyo, Roppongi Police Chief, a member of the lower house, and the Shuto Shinjuku Line Director.  All participants in a seminar run by an organization known as the Rising Peace Academy.

Murder was never their intent, nor was hurting anyone.  It was all to create a sign of threat while also revealing these members.  This lack of ill intent against innocence is shown bright when Nine is unable to stop the bomb after discovering that the police were in fact not going to remove the bombs they placed on a train.  Seems someone with more power has purposely allowed the bombs to go off.

This was a fantastic episode.  I really enjoyed the chemistry that Lisa added to the always grim and dull environment that surrounds Twelve and Nine.  However not only did we get that, but we also FINALLY dove into their true intent.  The Rising Peace Academy which I can only assume is the place that Nine and Twelve have their flashbacks to.  It seems they are trying to expose that organization to someone in the police agency to investigate.

On top of this, we also met Five.  Based on Nine’s reaction, I’m pretty sure this isn’t a very pleasant woman.  So it will be interesting to see just how Nine and Twelve will have to combat Five, and just how crazy she is.  Either way, things are finally looking up for this series and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

Episode 5: Hide & Seek





  • Lisa changing the mood
  • The arrival of a new opponent
  • Gripping drama
  • Intentions finally revealed


  • Bit slow at times
  • Engrish!

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