Episode 7 Impressions: Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun


Could it be?! Has Sakura finally gotten her wish to get closer to Nozaki and land herself a date with him? Her chance has finally come, and it’s time for her to at last express her feelings!

Or so she thought after suggesting to Nozaki to spend his day off doing some fun things. An attempt to get him to get outside and experience the wonders of spending time with her, Sakura ends up in tote as Nozaki jumps into research mode for future manga.

A fateful day at the movies ends up being research for architecture.  Dinning together ends up being picture-taking for food concepts.  It’s enough to drive a poor girl crazy until she finally gives in.  Though the trip isn’t without any substance as Sakura gets to suggest oil painting as a hobby to Nozaki.  Though he may take that too far into the realm of business sense.

e7monthlygirlsnozakikun0At a later point, Sakura is tasked with confronting Mikoto to model for the art club. While he shoots down Sakura, another girl manages to get him to accept. Though this may be due to him being comfortable with turning her down, and not being so with random girls.

As Mikoto struggles with the thoughtless acceptance of this, the only inspiration for posing he has is bishoujo figures. Thankfully when he arrives at the club, the girls have the right poses for him. As strenuous as that is. Even Nozaki shows up to give his own take on the situation.

e7monthlygirlsnozakikun3An absolutely fantastic episode that was nearly hilarious from start to end. Poor Sakura just can’t catch a break and her struggle is to our benefit as we watch the silly acts ensue.

Some of the best parts was watching the other ladies commenting on Sakura and Nozaki’s relationship at the store. Then to top it off, having Nozaki attempt to wear the suit. He’s comically absent-minded to pure comedy.

In the second bit, I couldn’t help but find Mikoto’s attempt to get a pose from his figures. I can’t say I wouldn’t have the same exact problem as my collection is similarly as useless for those troubles.  Of course I wouldn’t be so bold as to accept nudist modeling!

Another great week of laughs from Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, see you all next week!

Episode 7: The Manga Artist’s Brain, Nozaki-kun





  • On looking perspective at store
  • Figure Poses
  • Sakura adorable as ever


  • Slightly slow during the art club

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