Episode 8 Impressions: Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun


While Episode 6 definitely surprised us with an oddly cute side to Seo Yuzuki, Episode 8 manages to do the very same thing with Kashima Yu as she fights for the affection of Masayuki Hori.

After a surprising turn of events, it seems that Kashima manages to get a peek of a shoujo manga that Masayuki carries for background references for his drama club. This causes Kashima to attempt to win his heart through various silly plays off of typical shoujo manga tropes. Though it always seems to be in the form of making Masayuki into the female protagonist.

While all of these shinanigans transpire, Nozaki and Sakura attempt to take the load off of Masayuki by trying their hand at background drawing. Nozaki seems to have issues with perspective, and covers it up by placing characters on boxes. At the same time, Sakura just wishes to get better in order to have late night sessions with Nozaki.

Sadly this episode failed to deliver much in the way of laughs. Though that’s not to say there wasn’t a few points that had me chuckling uncontrollably.

I guess the main focal point of this episode was in making Kashima out to be quite adorable. Despite her very odd nature. As mentioned before, this show managed to make Seo adorable, and they very much succeeded at doing the same for Kashima.

While I commend the show for bringing more romance to the forefront, it just feels like this episode failed to deliver the comedy element like episode 6 did.  Though with all the romance elements in place, I’m curious if Sakura will see the same treatment later in the series.  I hope she gets a happy ending!

Episode 8: The Prince (Girl) of the School’s Problems





  • Kashima can be cute
  • Some chuckles to be had
  • Bull running


  • Slow overall
  • Lacking entertainment at points

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