Cutest Characters: Summer 2014 Edition

Summer, the season of hot weather and beach time fun!  Even more important, it also marks the arrival of the Summer Anime Season and a host of new cute characters for us to fall in love with.  Though surprisingly enough, only a couple of these characters actually seen a typical beach episode.  So without further ado, let’s dive into the top cutest characters of Summer 2014.  Be it waifu material, huggable material, or just straight cheek pinching cuteness.

Lisa Mishima
Terror in Resonance

Lisa has a fairly rough start when it comes to her introduction into the world of Terror in Resonance.  A troubled mother, bullies at school, and there’s also that whole bit about nearly being blown up in a terrorist plot.  Though that’s the beauty in Lisa as well as her staple in the series.

Lisa remains a bit of beauty in a show that’s relatively dark in nature.  She’s the innocence and ultimately a catalyst for change in a scenario that almost seems inevitable.  Every moment she pops in camera view, her simple but yet cute appearance catches you off guard.  Easily a diamond in the rough.

Asseylum Vers Allusia

Who can’t say yes to the beauty and elegance of a princess?  Even more-so, a princess of an entire planet!  Asseylum did well in capturing the hearts of viewers with her radiant presence, and then won them over with her continued strength in characters.

A-1 Pictures not only created a visually stunning show, but also a cute and enduring character in Asseylum.  At times cute, fragile, naive, but also managing to remain a lovable character.  Even in her incognito outfit!

Naru Kotoishi

It’s Naru.. what more do you want in an explanation?!  Okay, okay, I’ll put more effort into it than that.  Naru is a silly village scamp that quickly grabs the hearts of anyone who dares watch Barakamon.  Quite easily, she’s the star of the show even if Handa might dilute himself into thinking otherwise.

A lot of Naru’s cuteness falls in the incredible attention to detail that Kinema Citrus put into the creation of the anime adaptation of this manga series.  Not only putting some great animation to her energetic self, but also to cast a voice actress of the same age.  Every giggle, outburst of laughter, just melts your heart!

Hana N. Fountainstand

This little spitfire demands attention. As a genki it’s hard to deny a little resistance to enjoying her. However as the story progresses, you see her heart of gold and her fight to bring out the best she sees in her friends. With her unwavering tenacity, flowing golden blonde twin-tails and that fang.

She will look at you and melt your heart. She edges out the rest of her team and stands out easily as the most memorable. She dances into a spot on this list by proving that even genki can be cute.

Chiyo Sakura
Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Quite easily one of the stars of this season, Chiyo managed to do two very important things.  Look absolutely adorable, and also manage to catch a sort of Asuka Langley Soryu vibe.  She’s essentially a non-tsundere Asuka that grew up in a world untouched by world-ending angels.

In all seriousness, Chiyo is just plain stunning.  Every time she finds herself struggling to express her love for Nozaki, every time she misinterprets a situation, every time she gets her hopes up, I just want to give her a big huge hug.  Nozaki, you lucky clueless bastard!

There you have it ladies and gents, the list of top cutest characters of Summer 2014.  If you have a favorite on your mind, be sure to chime in on the comments section below!  While this was a rather dark season when it comes to anime, there was still plenty of characters to love!  Thanks for reading and we’ll see you again for another set of cute characters come Fall 2014!

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